Scandal recap: Dropping a Bomb

The Capitol bomb scare isn't the only explosion in Olivia Pope's D.C.
Ep. 03 | Aired Oct 17, 2013

THIS IS NOT A FAIRY TALE Olivia might be back in her love triangle, but she's not holding out for a happy ending.

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Huck, meanwhile, has tracked Rowan all the way out to a trailer in the middle of the woods, where the other D.C. intruder lives. (There apparently is no link between Pete and Mary. Seriously? We're just supposed to believe that unrelated security breaches of that level happen simultaneously? I'm not sure why this is the moment I've chosen to question the crazy Scandal-verse...) Rowan throws money and threats at Pete, but he just seems to want a meeting with the president. As Rowan makes his exit, he's greeted by Huck's gun.

When we return to Jake, who is still bloodied and bruised from his stint in the hole, he's just worried about Liv sharing a room with a bomb. I'm not giving up on Olitz, but Jake seems a hell of a lot more concerned about Olivia's safety at the moment than the president does. So far, all he's done is stop snipers from shooting her.

Olivia reassures Mary that her team can handle it, but Abby's not so sure. "Baby Huck's choking," she tells Olivia as Quinn tries to hack into the FBI. Abby decides to work the David angle, although that doesn't work quite as well as it used to. Harrison is told by an FBI agent that Mary's son was a terrorist recruiter, but when David looks up the supposed agent, she doesn't exist.

Which gets the White Hat thinking -- and leads him to noted Black Hat Cyrus Beene. When David asks for the file, Cy reminds him that he wouldn't have the U.S. Attorney job if it weren't for him. But when David begins rattling off names of agents who seemingly benefited from the death of Mary's son, Cyrus is paying attention.

David's stunt works. Fitz spills everything to Olivia under one condition: She can't breathe a word of it to Mary. It turns out Chris was a CIA agent who had infiltrated a terrorist cell, and the FBI didn't know his true identity when they raided the home. Olivia follows orders, telling Mary her son really was a terrorist. And when it all seems over, and the senator and Olivia step out of the office, Mary slams the door behind them and detonates the bomb, killing herself. Liv, listless outside the Capitol Building, is informed by Quinn that Huck has spent his day off researching Rowan -- and Olivia knows exactly what that means.

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