Scandal recap: Dropping a Bomb

The Capitol bomb scare isn't the only explosion in Olivia Pope's D.C.
Ep. 03 | Aired Oct 17, 2013

THIS IS NOT A FAIRY TALE Olivia might be back in her love triangle, but she's not holding out for a happy ending.

Danny Feld/ABC

Meanwhile, Peter Foster, the Remington rabble-rouser, gets Cyrus' attention, and he gives Rowan a call -- just as Huck is approaching with a gun. (Don't you wish Huck would use his PT for something a little more relaxing? Maybe a spa day or a beach vacation? He could probably use some Vitamin D after his time in the hole.)

Olivia's Huck-free team mobilizes around Mary's son, with Quinn told to hack into the FBI in her mentor's absence. (She really earned that Baby Huck nickname this episode.) The hostage negotiator tells Liv that they can declassify Chris' file only when Mary turns herself in. Her response? "You tell him he'll be scraping nine bodies out of the carpeting first." So that's a no. But Liv is able to convince Mary to let six of the hostages go.

This is the point when Mary makes the case for her own HGTV show as she murmurs about the jumper pattern she used for her bomb vest -- she had to upgrade to an industrial glue gun and find a "recipe" on the Internet for her explosives. A real DIY-er!

Fitz must not be a big crafter, though, because he orders snipers to try to get a clear shot at Mary. Olivia gets word of this through Harrison, and pushes Mary away from the window, standing defiantly in her place with red laser targets covering her baby-blue power suit. Fitz might not love Liv's house guest at the moment, but he still commands the snipers to stand down.

My viewing buddy Annie Barrett insists Olivia looks like a snowman. Must be the coal buttons.

When Olivia is told she can't speak to Fitz, she comes up with a workaround -- having his frenemy Jake call instead. Is siccing one corner of her love triangle on another corner really her best move? Fitz isn't budging, and he definitely gets in the last (sassy) word: "I'm sorry, but you're going to have to tell her you couldn't save the day."

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