Scandal recap: The Mellie Missile Crisis

Olivia confronts Fitz; Mellie threatens to go public with the separation; The Gladiators investigate Charlie
Ep. 20 | Aired May 2, 2013

THE GLOVES COME OFF Olivia storms into the Oval Office to throw down with the President. She removes her white gloves with the anger of a Victorian duchess who hasn't been served her tea. Sadly she doesn't use one to slap Fitz across the face. 

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Olivia's rattled after Cyrus shows up, and she finally lets Jake in. Over wine they have a cute "I tell you something, you tell me something" conversation and they catch each other up. For the most part it's brutally honest, right up to the point where Jake asks about the nature of her relationship with the President. Liv knows how to shut a guy up though. Kiss him and lie.

Back at the house of often ignored discontent, James is so happy about his fancy new job (and fancy new suit options) that he forgives Cyrus and invites him back into their bed. They make out. It's a pretty great scene, and one of the few where we get to see Cyrus's vulnerability and weakness around the man he loves. Unfortunately, things are only devolving at the White House. Cyrus spots the media vans outside of the Blair house and begs Fitz to make things right with Mellie.

But at the moment of truth, 22 minutes before Mellie's 36-hour warning runs out, Fitz goes to Olivia's apartment. This is him earning her. This is Fitz making a choice. Finally. It's sweet, mellow, and exactly the gesture that he needed to make to Olivia to get her to even consider being back with him. But I wonder if he really considered the possibility of Mellie going through with what she threatened. Because oh boy, does she make good on her promise, with a blind-sighted James leading the interview. And things were just starting to look up for Cyrus and James! While all this is going on, Olivia and Fitz are making up for lost time. In the shower, on the bed...anywhere with a surface. And she looks happy for the first time in a really long time!

Meanwhile, the Gladiators deduce that Cyrus is probably not the mole. He was just trying to make sure that Defiance was erased from history. But I feel like this can't be the whole story. I believe that in this week's episode, Cyrus was just trying to get Olivia alone to talk to her about leaving. He probably thought that was a valid option because she'd told him earlier in the episode in no uncertain terms that she was done with Fitz. But he did go about that in a very creepy way, didn't he? Also, Cyrus and Olivia usually talk on the phone. Why wouldn't he have just called her? And also, what was Charlie doing in the hospital? Was he just spying for Cyrus? Was it Cyrus he was talking to? So many questions, Scandal!

Finally, Jake, worried about what Cyrus knows about him, asks MPBM if he can "engage" with any threats. MPBM gives him a stern, "don't kill anyone" warning. And when watching the footage of him and Olivia making out in his apartment, Jake spots another thing on his security feed: Charlie watching that same footage. So Charlie and Cyrus do have hard proof about Olivia and Jake. Who do you think is more at danger here?

Scandalites, let's talk about this! What do you think James was feeling when Mellie started confessing? Did you think Fitz's gesture was enough? And then there's Cyrus. What is going on with him? Was he out to hurt Olivia? Are we getting the full story with him? Any more Albatross speculations? Did anyone laugh when David Rosen seemed adorably clueless about the President's affair? Who would you all vote MVP for this week? Talk to us!

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