Scandal recap: Another Chance

An extended flashback reveals Huck's origin story; Olivia and President Grant argue in the hospital
Ep. 19 | Aired Apr 25, 2013

SAD EYES Olivia "I don't stop for homeless people" Pope stopped for Huck because of his sad eyes. Bruce Springsteen would be so proud. 

Ron Tom/ABC

Back in the White House we find out Mellie's leaving Fitz. Her Secret Service Agent spy tells her exactly where Fitz is, and visiting your ex-mistress in the hospital is a deal breaker for her. She tells Fitz she'll keep it secret, that they'll use the tunnels to prevent the press or anyone from knowing they're no longer sharing a bed or a house, and that she's taking little Teddy with her (by the way, Teddy's so big! Also that plaid shirt was some kind of cute). And she gives Fitz an ultimatum. If he doesn't choose her, she'll start talking publicly. (How deliciously devious was Mellie's voice when she says "good luck getting re-elected once I start talking"?)

Now, on a personal level, I'm glad Mellie made this choice. I don't know why this was her breaking point as opposed to everything else, but she's finally taking a stand. Her leverage against Fitz is questionable though. She says that he won't win the Presidency again without her. While that may be true, she's also forgetting that Fitz was the one who wanted a divorce from her originally. He was even willing to give up the Presidency for Olivia, as he said a number of times. Now, since Defiance, his goals seem to have shifted, but I still don't think he'll really care. And perhaps that is Mellie's main flaw. She's lost the ability to determine what he does care about and, because of that, doesn't have any leverage.

And back in the land of Albatross confusion, Cyrus (who met Jake earlier in the episode with Fitz) tasks Charlie with getting "proof" of Olivia and Jake's relationship. And Jake tries to opt out of the mission with Mysterious Park Bench Man when he realizes that he intends to use Olivia as Albatross bait. But reassignment is not an option. "Remember who we are, Captain Ballard. There's no such thing as 'out,'" he says. Creepy.

MVP of the episode has to go to Huck, right? His rapid, Walter White-style devolution into a murderer with a double life was pretty excellent to watch, and sort of crazy that we got to see it all happen in one episode.

So, all you Scandalites, let's start off with Huck. First off, which speech got to you? Did any have you tearing up? What about the Olivia and Fitz moments? Was she too harsh? Was she right? Is Fitz's love too little and too late? And, seriously, who is MPBM (Mysterious Park Bench Man)? Talk to us!

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