Scandal recap: Another Chance

An extended flashback reveals Huck's origin story; Olivia and President Grant argue in the hospital
Ep. 19 | Aired Apr 25, 2013

SAD EYES Olivia "I don't stop for homeless people" Pope stopped for Huck because of his sad eyes. Bruce Springsteen would be so proud. 

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Huck, the man who can break into any computer, track any person, murder without regret, and torture without hesitation, was once just a sweet marine with a lovely kindergarten teacher for a girlfriend. He wasn't an outcast from the start and he hasn't always lurked in the margins of society. A secret offshoot of the government made him the way he is now, and he had no choice in the matter. He has to become a shadow killer or go back to Kosovo.

In the flashback we find out that this secret organization noticed him based on a test he took as a Marine. He had the "skills" and "potential" and "a series of personality traits" that they were looking for. And so Huck meets with a man who talks him up and offers him a lot of money. Charlie's standing in the back for the whole meeting, sucking on his signature lollipop (I wonder what flavor he likes). Their only question to Huck is whether or not he's married with kids. He says no, and it's the truth.

And from that point on, Huck begins to lead his double life. He learns the art of torture and contract killing from Charlie, and at a certain point, he starts to love his new profession. On the home front, he's becoming distant and distracted, but when his girlfriend informs him she's pregnant, they decide to get married and have a kid. And for a while, things are better than ever. We see Huck gleefully chopping off toes and fingers and collecting the watches of his victims while playing the happy family man at home. But then, his employers find out about his family. He tries to escape with his wife and child -- at that moment he makes them his priority -- but B6-13 gets to him first and locks him in a cell until they torture the memory of his wife and child out of him.

But that's not enough for the B6-13. Mysterious Park Bench Man, the leader of this sinister group, decides that Huck has to die. Charlie spares his life. And so Huck takes to the streets, traumatized by his experiences and stripped of his ability to grasp reality or the truth of his memory. That's when he meets Olivia.

Present day Huck is still in trouble. Though the other gladiators did their best to get to the heart of why Huck was broken, this was always going to be a problem that Olivia had to solve. Because of her lovely speech, because she tells him that he actually saved her and explains how they're alike because they've both seen dark things, he comes back to life. And in one of the more poignant "a-ha" moments of the show, we finally find out why Huck kept muttering "seven fifty-two." One day in the metro, his son, now significantly older, ran over to give him money. As Huck tells Olivia, he can't remember whether or not he has a child. But at that moment when this child, at 7:52, ran over to Huck, he remembered something even if he didn't understand what he was remembering. This most recent capturing triggered the memory of that moment because of the nature of the torture. Charlie put him in a crate and closed the door, which was almost identical to what B6-13 did to him to get him to deny his memory of his family.

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