Scandal recap: Another Chance

An extended flashback reveals Huck's origin story; Olivia and President Grant argue in the hospital
Ep. 19 | Aired Apr 25, 2013

SAD EYES Olivia "I don't stop for homeless people" Pope stopped for Huck because of his sad eyes. Bruce Springsteen would be so proud. 

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Back in the present day at the hospital, a doctor is explaining to Olivia that she's almost well enough to go home. But they're not alone. Fitz is still there. It took almost three minutes for the show to pick back up with these two after he surprised her by showing up in her hospital room at the end of the last episode! Anyway, based on what happens in the rest of the episode, this intro back into the Fitz and Olivia story sets up the fact that he's there to stay. He's not the type to just come by, give his former mistress a hug and then turn right around and go back to his job and his wife. They need to have it out. And they do. Twice. We're going to focus in on both.

In the first talk, Fitz stars. He says "I love you," she responds, "I hate you," and he says, "I know. I was hurt and I was wrong." Liv, however, is having none of it. She scolds him for treating her like a whore. When he tries repeating "I love you," she shuts it down. She doesn't believe him anymore. The "anymore" comment is key. Remember, one of the last times they were together, they had crazy angry closet sex (which he initiated) and then Fitz told her in no unclear terms that although he might be attracted to her, they were over. So, Olivia's "whore" comment is not completely out of bounds. When Olivia says she doesn't believe him "anymore" and that his declarations of his love mean nothing, it sounds like she believes it. You might only hurt the ones you love, but Fitz has been unconscionably awful to her since he found out about Defiance. So, like a man who knows when he's lost an argument, Fitz retreats. Surprisingly, he just retreats to the waiting room, where he tells Jake to find out who attacked her.

In the second argument, Olivia explains that his surveillance of her is not love, and that she participated in Defiance because of him. But Fitz explains that he didn't want her to fix him. This makes sense on one level, but in reality, Olivia was promoted on the campaign because of her ability to "fix" situations. Defiance was a step too far, and we all know that, but still that was a surprising emphasis of Fitz's argument. He regains his stance when he says that, but then the talk shifts from the details of Defiance back to love. Because that's the subtext of all of their fights. Is love enough?

Olivia admits that she still loves him, Fitz gives an epic speech, and they share a passionate moment -- but she holds her ground. In her eyes, they're done.

At OPA, Huck is huddled up against the radiator, muttering, and our Gladiators are feeling a little out of sorts. They've just found out where Olivia is, and they've already pieced together that baseball hat guy is somehow connected to Albatross. And when Harrison goes to visit Olivia in the hospital, he spots the same baseball hat guy. Charlie really needs a new outfit.

For the rest of the episode, each of the Gladiators attempts to reach Huck in some pretty epic monologues. Quinn goes first. She tells the story of her dream life as Lindsay Dwyer with Jesse and how it breaks her heart when she thinks of it now, but that to move on, she had to let it go. Girl knows how to give a monologue. Still, it didn't work.

Abby tries next and takes another angle -- perhaps it's the job, it's too many secret missions from Olivia. And she even confesses her wrongs with David and that she knows that he'll never love her because of that Cytron card. That fails too. And then Harrison stops by and basically admits that he doesn't really understand Huck, that he doesn't know how to get through to him. Personally, I might have structured these monologues in the opposite way. Huck has been getting so close to Quinn that perhaps it would have been more impactful for her to fail third. But, at the same time, maybe that's why she went first.

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