Scandal recap: 'Stand in the Sun'

Olivia wants to catch some rays with Fitz, while Jake is dragged deeper into the mud
Ep. 13 | Aired Mar 13, 2014

Eric McCandless/ABC

Leo is already starting his victory lap in Cy's Chief of Staff office when he notes a strange buzzing sound. Cyrus pokes around and discovers the bug left in the picture frame by James. Publius is about to be outed...

Olivia pays a visit to the Oval Office after the debate, and when Fitz pouts about having to tank the debate, Liv tells him to grow up. "Grow up? I'm the only adult within 10 miles of here," he spits back. She says his dream of running a "clean" campaign is just that: a dream. "There is no clean, just like there is no Vermont," she says. She's not saying that to be harsh (even though it was totally harsh); she's just trying to get them to face reality and live life as it actually is. Commence the make-out!

Back at the Beene-Novak household, the Publius mystery has been solved, but Cy isn't calling a hit out on his husband. He understands why he felt forced to go against him, and all is forgiven. Clean slate. So James heads over to meet David Rosen, reporter Vanessa Chandler, and the NSA employee who leaked the phone call to begin with, but it turns out David didn't call the meeting. Jake (!) approaches the group and kills both ladies -- AND THEN HE FIRES ONE MORE SHOT.

Wow, what an ending, especially after Jake had one of his sweetest and sassiest episodes yet. Was a new Rowan born tonight? Or is this a whole new breed of Command, seeing as Rowan never did his own dirty work? And where was the payoff from last week's reveal of Adnan and Olivia's mom palling around D.C.? Hell, where was Harrison? Another wild ride, and another explosive ending. What did you think, Gladiators? Who did Jake take out with that bullet?

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