Scandal recap: 'Stand in the Sun'

Olivia wants to catch some rays with Fitz, while Jake is dragged deeper into the mud
Ep. 13 | Aired Mar 13, 2014

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After Cyrus tells Liv that he, like Leo, wants to cancel the debate, he takes her to see Sally for herself. The VP tells Olivia that she doesn't want to confess, she needs to confess. "Without him, without a sign of his love, I'm worse than dead," she says of her recent lack of contact with G-O-D.

We're more than halfway through the first episode when we get our first Olitz scene -- and it's not even in person. Liv calls Fitz to remind him of their dream home (and fantasy life) in Vermont. But she's got bigger things to discuss. Despite Cy's wishes, she tells Fitz that Sally killed her husband, and Cyrus and Mellie covered it up. She also has a request: Fitz needs to throw the debate.

Now Jake is the one bringing food to Olivia's door. She tries to keep it light by talking about his day selling paper, but he's ready to get serious. He wants to leave the people they've become behind and, to borrow Liv's words, "stand in the sun." But he can tell by the look on her face that it's too late. "You're going to stand with him." Jake is, and always will be, Liv's second choice. And this realization couldn't have come at a worse time. Now that he knows he'll never be Olivia's number one, he doesn't care about upsetting her -- so Quinn is getting a big assignment. The former Gladiator breaks into OPA headquarters, cracks the safe, and has all the intel about the Daniel Douglas murder. But how will she use it?

Backstage, Liv is asking Fitz again to throw the debate. Her plan: If Fitz stumbles, it will be the sign from God that Sally has been asking for that she's meant to continue in the race. But Fitz isn't buying it. "I'm surrounded by people who have completely lost their minds," he says -- and truer words have never been spoken.

During the debate, Sally is barely holding it together, and we find out that Jake has given Secret Service (and B613) agent Tom the go-ahead to shoot the vice president if she goes off script. But Fitz saves Sally from making her confession -- and from getting shot by a sniper -- by cutting her off mid-sentence. That's all the sign from God Sally needed. All of a sudden she pounces on the president and his "moral failings" and forgets about brutally murdering her husband. What do we think: Is she just going to crack down the line instead?

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