Scandal recap: Are You a Patriot?

Sally is running for president, and Fitz and Olivia are scrambling for the right answers
Ep. 11 | Aired Feb 27, 2014


Just when I was worried there wasn't enough Jake in this episode, he's knocking at Liv's door late-night. She wants Quinn back (he honestly says he doesn't have her) and wonders why he took the B613 job. "I serve at the pleasure of the president of the United States," Jake says. "Don't we all!" Olivia quips in response. She's not buying the whole "serving your republic" line. "You're so busy being a patriot you forget to be a person," she says, clearly referring to herself and to Jake. She just wants to get back to simpler times: "Vermont keeps getting further and further away." OK, I know Olitz is the likely endgame, but do you need to rub your Vermont jam-making in Jake's face?

Well, it looks like Jake gets a consolation prize: Instead of picking from Mellie's list, Olivia takes Command out into the streets of D.C. for a very public make-out sesh. Fitz trusts Jake, right? Well, the rehearsal for that lip-lock didn't seem so innocent. (Also, Shonda definitely made up for the mostly Jake-free episode with that scene alone.)

Speaking of trust, as Fitz introduces his running mate to the country, Olivia's dad is taking a very interesting meeting: with Sally's campaign manager. And Mellie? Well, it turns out she's the one who got away that Andrew Nichols was talking about. I have to say, this lady deserves a saucy storyline after everything she's gone through over the show's three seasons. Sweep her off her feet, Andrew!

Before I sign off, let's talk about the fashion, now that the woman behind Miss Pope, Kerry Washington, is expecting. A combination of flared blazers, flowy capes, a long white coat, and a billowing silk blouse hid Kerry's growing baby bump, and she still looked perfectly in keeping with Olivia's trademark style. Can't wait to see some more creative cover-ups!

So what was the biggest surprise of the night, Gladiators? That Adnan Salif is a woman and Harrison's lover? That Fitz's running mate holds a torch for Mellie? Or that Jake will conveniently be Olivia's "fake" boyfriend? Share all your thoughts in the comments! (It's so good to be back!)

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