Scandal recap: Are You a Patriot?

Sally is running for president, and Fitz and Olivia are scrambling for the right answers
Ep. 11 | Aired Feb 27, 2014


Abby walks in on Harrison "borrowing" her gun, and instead of getting upset about the violation, she's just mad that the only other "sane" person (relatively) at OPA is going crazy. But he's concerned for his life now that Adnan Salif is back in the country -- and sending threatening picture texts to boot. The three other people in that photo? All dead. On a separate note: Was Harrison in the cast of Miami Vice in his previous life? Check out that white suit!

Harrison's white suit

Olivia heads to the Oval Office, but this is no sexy rendezvous. First she tells Fitz flat-out that he's wrong for choosing Andrew as his running mate, and then she says she should resign because of the affair "rumors." He insists she can't resign, and as she fights back, he shuts the door and kisses her. OK, I guess this is a sexy rendezvous. But Liv isn't done airing her grievances. She wants to know why Fitz made Jake head of B613. And while she thinks it's because he wants to put Jake in harm's way, he says it's because he trusts him to fix things. She still wants to resign, so Fitz makes a last-ditch appeal: "I won't win without you."

As Harrison works late at the office, he hears a noise and reaches for Abby's gun. Let's first get on the record that this is a HARRISON BACKSTORY ALERT and a MAJOR TWIST ALERT: Adnan Salif is a woman! And not just any woman, Homeland and How I Met Your Mother actress Nazanin Boniadi. This whole time we were worried for Harrison's safety, and now he's getting busy with Adnan on his desk. You tricked us, Shonda!

Leo pays Cyrus a visit to discuss their issue with columnist Vanessa Chandler and the Deep Throat who's feeding her information about Daniel Douglas. Well, their whole conversation is being recorded by that Deep Throat -- James. Hmm, guess the cushy job didn't sway him after all! He takes the tape to David Rosen and says he'll pretend to be Cy's happy husband for as long as it takes to bring "that monster" down. "He thinks he doesn't have a weakness, but he does: me."

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