Scandal recap: Are You a Patriot?

Sally is running for president, and Fitz and Olivia are scrambling for the right answers
Ep. 11 | Aired Feb 27, 2014


Abby and Huck go chat with the woman who prepared Daniel Douglas' coroner's report, and she's confident he died of cardiac arrest. (Worst. Coroner. EVER.) Of course, OPA always comes prepared, blackmailing her with information about her past drug arrest. But they're not the only ones with ammo: It was her son that Charlie and Quinn kidnapped, and they're hiding out in the very house where Abby and Huck are interviewing her. She feeds them a story about Daniel Douglas drinking too much, falling, hitting his head on the toilet, and dying of massive bleeding in his brain. If I didn't know the truth, I'd believe that! And after she successfully lies to OPA, they're out of her hair and her son is safe.

Mellie, in a shrewd move, calls Olivia and invites her to a very public lunch. The first lady wouldn't do lunch with the woman sleeping with her husband, right? But this lunch isn't without its perks: Mellie orders a bottle of red. "I know how you love your wine," she says to Olivia. BURN...but also totally, irrefutably true. And Mellie has one more plan to ensure the Olitz rumors stop: She presents Olivia with a list -- on White House letterhead, no less -- of eligible D.C. bachelors. Mellie is not just playing the political edition of "F, marry, kill" here (but let's pretend that's what Michelle Obama and Jill Biden do during their lunches). "Pick one," Mellie says, insisting that Olivia date someone other than her husband. Yeah, not a great way of setting people up.

Olivia wasn't built to be one of the ladies who lunch (any excuse to link to an Elaine Stritch video), so she's back to work, grilling Andrew Nichols about his playboy reputation. Turns out he'd rather be with one specific woman than a string of actresses or models, but he lost out on his one true love. Who is this mystery woman?

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