Scandal recap: Are You a Patriot?

Sally is running for president, and Fitz and Olivia are scrambling for the right answers
Ep. 11 | Aired Feb 27, 2014


Abby, meanwhile, is making her debut on the morning shows opposite Leo. Everything is going fine, until Leo exhumes "rumors" of Olivia Pope's affair with the president. Abby tries to shut it down, but Pandora's Box has been reopened. Now James has to field questions about Olivia in the midst of the Sally issue. Oh, but there are questions about that too: A columnist, Vanessa Chandler, got an anonymous tip wondering why Daniel Douglas' medical records were sealed and there wasn't an autopsy. Olivia wants to run with this new angle, but for some reason, Cyrus isn't interested. Hmmm...

While Leo is pumped about the direction the news cycle is heading ("You're trending on Twitter and the radio is playing 'Mustang Sally'!"), the VP isn't so sure. "The lies are unspooling," Sally says in the biblical tone only she can muster. Why does she think all these bad things are happening? Because she agreed to run pro-choice. Yes, that's her biggest sin; not stabbing her husband. Oh, but she didn't do that. The devil did. I ... can't.

When Leo pays Cyrus a visit to check out his future office ("The art's a little old-manny for me, but I can have them hip it up"), Cy isn't concerned. He compares Sally to failed third-party candidates like Ralph Nader and Ross Perot, but Leo chooses to compare her to Teddy Roosevelt. He lost his third-party run, but, as Leo points out, his "face is on a mountain."

Despite what Charlie told Jake, he has every intention of getting Quinn back in B613's good graces. How best to do that? Pick up some side gigs from Cyrus (Cyde gigs?). For their first assignment, Quinn gets to KIDNAP A CHILD. Baby Huck has gone off the rails.

Over at OPA -- you know, where Quinn used to work and NOT torture and kidnap for a living -- Olivia asks Abby and Huck to dig deeper into Daniel Douglas' death. Also, Harrison hears back from David, and the news isn't good: Deportation isn't an option, because Adnan Salif's visa was issued very high up the ranks. (Also, David is clearly in on the joke, as he introduces himself as Harrison's "butler" and offers up full concierge service.)

NEXT: The Daniel Douglas cover-up

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