Scandal recap: 'The Devil Came In'

Olivia has a whole new perspective on her parents, as Jake gets a new job and Fitz hits a new low
Ep. 10 | Aired Dec 12, 2013

ABOUT A BOY Fitz gets a major dressing-down from Olivia's dad ("You are a boy!") after the president gives Eli the dirty details about his sex life.


Also, what's going on with Sally? Well, her campaign manager insists that the show must go on, but he doesn't know that he's trying to convince a murderer to run for president. As he talks about Daniel Douglas looking down on Sally from heaven, she seethes, "He is a godless sinner, and he deserved what he got." Leo puts the pieces of the puzzle together, but he's most offended that Sally called the White House for help and not him. So will Sally still run?

David Rosen is getting a lot of visitors this episode: Shelby is an NSA analyst with a very interesting piece of tape for the U.S. attorney. It's Sally's call to Cyrus after she committed murder, and David is beginning to think James' theory isn't so far-fetched after all.

Once Eli comes up for air from the Pentagon basement, the president has made arrangements for someone to keep his B613 seat warm: Jake. So what do we think this means? Will Jake take B613 in an honest direction, or will he be dragged back down into its depths? Whatever the answer, I'm just glad Jake's goodbye was only to his part-time job at Pope & Associates, not to the show altogether.

And the reveals don't end there: Maya calls Olivia following her ill-fated flight to Hong Kong just to say hi, and it looks like she's already back in D.C. We've gotten a lot of Maya in flashbacks and in an orange jumpsuit, so it was a pleasant surprise to see her in her Pope family finest: An off-white trench, long leather gloves, and perfectly coiffed hair. We hope she sticks around at least for the fashion.

This was the last episode of Scandal until FEBRUARY 27! What are we going to do with our Thursdays? (A helpful suggestion: You don't need to watch Scandal to enjoy a glass of red wine.) This mid-season finale posed as many questions as it answered, and I'm most intrigued by these three plot strands: What kind of B613 leader will Jake be? Will David team up with OPA for his investigation of Daniel Douglas' murder? And what does the future hold for the show's most unlikely couple, Quinn and Charlie? Also, I'm bummed after all the breadcrumbs left in these first 10 episodes that we still haven't gotten any real insight into Harrison's past.

Let us know what YOU'LL be thinking about most over these next two-plus months in the comments below, and share your predictions for the newest storylines!

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