Scandal recap: 'The Devil Came In'

Olivia has a whole new perspective on her parents, as Jake gets a new job and Fitz hits a new low
Ep. 10 | Aired Dec 12, 2013

ABOUT A BOY Fitz gets a major dressing-down from Olivia's dad ("You are a boy!") after the president gives Eli the dirty details about his sex life.


James, meanwhile, isn't feeling too romantic lately: He marches into David Rosen's office to inform him of his affair with the VP's husband and point out the coincidence of Daniel Douglas' death so soon after their dalliance. David's answer? He's done digging up dirt with Cyrus' husband. The last time they paired up, to uncover presidential election rigging, David's life was ruined.

Jake and Huck put the pieces together and realize that Eli is with Fitz, so Olivia calls up the president's cell (good reception in the basement of the Pentagon!) and invites herself to his interrogation. Liv confronts her dad about what happened the day he had that plane shot down, realizing as she speaks to him that her mom told him a bomb was on that plane when there really wasn't one, so he had the plane shot down for no reason. So we're back to Eli=good, Maya=bad -- at least for now. On his way out the door, Eli threatens the president that B613 is more than just one man.

Look who's come back home: Quinn saunters into OPA, demanding an apology from Huck. Instead, he tells her the only reason she's alive is because of Olivia. "You're not a Gladiator anymore," he says as she heads out the door and back to her love nest. "You came back," Charlie says, surprised, embracing his girlfriend. You guys: I'm totally on board with this relationship...

When James gets home, Cyrus fights for his marriage. "I'm still the same man that you married, you just maybe never noticed the 666 on my forehead before," he tells his husband. Turns out, James isn't above a little tit-for-tat: Later that night in bed, he asks for the job of presidential press secretary and agrees to stay married.

Excuse me while I raise my voice a bit: WHY IS JAKE TELLING OLIVIA GOODBYE??? I was all for the part where he marched into her office and stole a kiss; poor Jake hasn't seen any action since early fall. But it's a nothing-to-lose kiss: He's going...somewhere. "I loved you," he says, in cryptic past tense. "Whatever happens next, I want you to know that I loved you." But it's not all in the past; his last line is a very current "I love you." WHERE ARE YOU GOING???

NEXT: 'He is a godless sinner, and he deserved what he got.'

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