Scandal recap: 'You're Nothing But the Help'

Harrison gets played, while Olivia cleans up yet another mess
Ep. 15 | Aired Mar 27, 2014


Fitz and Mellie are having it out over her affair with Andrew, but she isn't taking his judgment. "Let's not pretend that you're the victim here," she tells her philandering husband. But Fitz has his own ammo, saying that after Mellie had Jerry, she told her husband she was no longer a sexual being. Sadly, the viewers know that has nothing to do with Fitz and everything to do with his dad. But he doesn't know that, so he heaps the blame on his wife: "You ruined our marriage." The subtext of this scene is almost too much to take.

After Fitz barked at Olivia (and barked at his wife), she tried to just go home and leave behind the mess of an interview. But Cyrus stops her: He's emotionally unable to clean up the mess, but she can. So she heads back in, and she isn't hearing Fitz's apology. She just tells him he needs to be the fixer this time: He needs to fix his family, "Because it is not my place," and there are only 20 minutes until this interview goes live. So he fixes things. He holds Mellie's hand. He stops yelling at his kids.

When Quinn arrives home from her latest slobber-fest with Huck, Charlie has made himself at home -- literally. He broke his lease and moved his stuff into her place so he can keep an eye on her. Um, not OK. But if she protests, dude could kill her, so put on your best happy face, Quinn!

Abby and David head to the OPA offices to grant Adnan immunity, instead finding an unconscious Harrison on the floor. Adnan is back with Maya, and this time she's armed with all the president's secret files, straight from Olivia's computer. When she hands them over to Ivan, we see that Jake and Tom have the hotel room under surveillance. But they decide to let the trio go about their business and see how this plays out. So...Jake wants Fitz to die, yes?

Back at Interview Central, we get our first glimpse at Cyrus and James' adopted daughter, Ella, and she's WALKING! Wasn't this child an infant like six episodes ago? Please fill me in, Gladiators. I mean, Teddy is still a baby when Olivia hands him over to the presidential family for their big interview. The tough questions!

Rowan calls up Olivia to let her know that B613 is funded by all the government departments, not just one. While he makes it seem like he's helping her because they're family, we all know Rowan just wants to take Jake down. The presidential interview is live in 5...4...3...2...1...

And that's it! We'll have to wait until next week to see how that interview plays out. But let's talk about what we did see -- namely, more Huckleberry Quinn action (guh-ross), the reveal of Mellie and Andrew's affair, our first glimpses at so many children (Jerry and Karen! Ella!), and Harrison getting played by Adnan. Share all your thoughts in the comments, and let us know what you think about the beginnings of this B613 takedown. Does it have promise?

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