Scandal recap: 'You're Nothing But the Help'

Harrison gets played, while Olivia cleans up yet another mess
Ep. 15 | Aired Mar 27, 2014


Maya calls her daughter out of the blue and tells her she wants Adnan back. When Liv calls her mom a terrorist, Maya says she'd rather be that than what Olivia is. "You think you're family, but you're nothing but the help," she says cruelly. Adnan, meanwhile, still has a bone to pick with Harrison. Instead of running away with her, he had Olivia bail him out. "Maybe this immunity deal is our chance to be together," Adnan says. "All this deal means is that we're even," Harrison replies. Then Adnan decides to drop her lady garments to get her way. Spoiler alert: It works.

Mellie -- scotch in hand -- insists that Olivia cancel the interview, which leads us back to how we started the episode. The interviewer says there's no wiggle room, so Liv sits down with the kids to try to get them TV-ready. When Fitz walks in on the conversation, Karen lets the cat out of the bag about her mom: "She's doing it with Uncle Andrew, Dad. I saw her." (It's probably time to drop the "uncle," wouldn't you say?) Fitz marches right down the hall, into a full conference room, and decks Uncle Andrew then and there.

Jake meets with Quinn and Charlie, and they deliver all the intel on Dmitri and where he's set to meet Ivan later. Huck, meanwhile, requested a meeting with Jake, but he sends Quinn instead. That makes things a little awkward, because he called the meeting to ask Jake to let Quinn go. All of a sudden Quinn is talking about tongues -- Huck's tongue on her cheek, Huck's tongue in her mouth -- and she's running her tongue all over him. NO. Just NO. Commenters, if you find this at all pleasing, explain your reasoning below. Because...NO.

Adnan and Harrison are also getting frisky in the OPA offices, but he was right to be skeptical of her intentions: All of a sudden, she's injecting Harrison with some sort of fluid and he passes out. "Now we're even," she says.

Command meets Command: Jake visits Rowan at his Smithsonian office to tell him to back off whatever he's investigating with B613. But Rowan doesn't receive lectures; he gives them. "You. Are. A. Lone," Rowan says, not up for a bonding session. Jake isn't intimidated: "Thanks for reminding me that when I kill you, I need to do it all by myself."

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