Scandal recap: 'You're Nothing But the Help'

Harrison gets played, while Olivia cleans up yet another mess
Ep. 15 | Aired Mar 27, 2014


Charlie and Quinn have turned into The B613 Bickersons, arguing over how the Huck altercation went down even as they're both spattered in blood and standing over a body. Quinn keeps lying to Charlie, whose solution is that they should shack up. Meanwhile, that body they're standing over is the very Dmitri who missed his meeting. Now Quinn is hoping to drill some information out of him. For his part, Huck is beating up an anonymous B613 agent and telling him to make sure Command returns his calls. Um, does OPA really want to go after B613 after all?

The team did dig up some dirt on Jerry, who anonymously runs an anti-Fitz (and anti-Dad) Twitter account. But it only had a couple thousand followers and Huck already took it down. Oh, and he bought a Reston for President shirt online too. Was that his plan for a stunt during the live interview? When Karen goes to cry to Mom about Dad rifling through their stuff, she walks in on Mellie with Andrew. Oh, the therapy bills...

Shockingly, this isn't the biggest issue Liv is dealing with at the moment. Adnan has dropped by the OPA offices, and she's spilling everything about teaming up with Maya. Well, not everything -- she wants a guarantee of immunity before she says too much. Abby, time to call in the nine-billionth favor to your man.

Mellie is running damage control with her daughter, saying she didn't see what she thinks she saw. Oh, but she goes into detail about what she saw: "You were on your knees with Uncle Andrew." Yeah, hard to backtrack on that. Karen refuses to stay put in this den of lies (a.k.a. The White House) and instead packs her bags to head back to school.

When Jake pays a visit to the Oval Office, Fitz tells him he wants Dmitri out of B613's clutches. But Jake refuses. "I am the commander in chief," Fitz barks. "And I am Command," Jake retorts. "Which means you don't tell me to do anything, because I'm not your bitch." Heard and understood, Jake -- but Cyrus might need to hear it again, because he comes storming into the office, grabs a priceless presidential vase, and aims it directly at Jake's head. It looks like word's traveled to Cy about how his husband actually died. After the attack, Cyrus sits down with Fitz and explains why James got wrapped up in a deadly task.

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