Scandal recap: 'You're Nothing But the Help'

Harrison gets played, while Olivia cleans up yet another mess
Ep. 15 | Aired Mar 27, 2014


Liv gets that time with the kids after all (at least someone is spending time with the kids), and they seem a lot savvier than she thought they'd be. When Jerry starts asking questions about viewership and just how live the interview is, it's pretty clear he's not worried about putting his foot in his mouth; he and Karen have a plan. Olivia immediately calls Abby to take a closer look at Fitz's darling children. As she rounds the corner, Liv spies Mellie and Andrew leaving the same room a little more disheveled than usual. "Stay away from her," Liv tells the VP candidate. "The last thing this campaign needs is another sex scandal." Andrew's response? "Glass houses, Olivia."

Olivia calls a pause on the B613 investigation to look at the Grant kids instead ("What are we looking for ... a preggo townie?" Abby asks). Huck is happy that OPA is going to lay off B613 -- and so is Olivia's dad. "Stop digging," he warns his daughter. "We both know what B613 does to its enemies." So instead of poking around, Liv just asks Rowan for help instead. And he hangs up.

Mellie helps Karen pick out an interview outfit, but her daughter is more interested in why her parents are still together. "He's a cheater," she says. And so is Mellie now, who just knowingly responds: "Nobody's perfect." Back in the Oval Office, Fitz is palling around with his wife's ... hmm, what do you call a male mistress? Mister? We'll go with mister. "Good guy," he says to Olivia as Andrew leaves the room. Yup, a real standup gent.

Adnan is alive, and she's still in the clutches of Maya Pope. And of course they're involved with Dmitri, but he didn't show up to a meeting so now Ivan is spooked. When that worries Adnan, Maya sets her straight: "You're looking for a way out of this, but there isn't one."

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