Scandal recap: 'Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang'

As the White House grieves, Olivia Pope finds her White Hat again
Ep. 14 | Aired Mar 20, 2014

After an episode without them, Maya Pope and Adnan Salif are back, and they have bags of money. They're meeting with shady types to spend that money wisely. Maya's daughter, meanwhile, is finding out about Quinn's B&E. She goes straight to her faux-boyfriend to air her grievances. "Random, coincidental bad things happen to good people all the time," Jake says unconvincingly. Liv demands to know what happened, and Jake admits that he single-handedly orchestrated the whole cover-up. We're guessing there won't be another Gettysburger and wine date at Liv's place anytime soon.

Olivia calls a meeting with Rowan -- you know, the guy who used to do all the bad stuff Jake now does -- and she just wants him to be her dad for a second. His way of being dear old dad is informing his daughter that he's responsible for the deaths of 183 people. "You become the hand of God," he says of being B613 Command. But it's not all doom and gloom. If everyone is a monster, then everyone is equally worth saving. "In the face of darkness, you drag everyone into the light," he tells his daughter, in a speech that could have come from Liv's own mouth. Like father, like daughter.

Andrew and Mellie do their best, but the gun lobby still wants to go with Sally Langston. Mellie does some convincing, however, and they agree that a White House speech would go a long way. But Cyrus has a different plan: He thinks James' shooting -- not to mention Fitz's assassination attempt -- is the perfect opportunity to change positions on guns and steal some votes from the left. "Let's turn some purple states red."

Speaking of purple, Mellie has on a saucy purple dress as she gets in a gun-control argument with Andrew. But it's all just verbal foreplay for what we all know is going to happen, and no sooner are they making out than Mellie starts stripping down to reveal matching purple lingerie. Even when engaging in extramarital sex, the first lady is coordinated.

Abby comes to see David and find out the truth about James and the missing ladies. He finally admits that the carjacking story is bogus and the Vanessa and Shelby aren't just MIA. "They're all dead and I'm alive," he tells her.

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