Scandal recap: Defiance, Part Deux

While Olivia thinks she prevented an explosion in Ohio, the real fireworks are saved for next week's finale
Ep. 17 | Aired Apr 10, 2014

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Harrison learns too late that Maya's plan involves Fitz's stop at Defiance High School in Ohio. Yes, THE Defiance High School, where James discovered the one rigged voting machine from four years earlier. Adnan finds Harrison just before he can call Olivia, so off Liv goes into the belly of the bomb. Man, a lot of stuff goes down in Defiance. "I've been a baaaaad boy," Fitz says when Liv sits down next to Mellie in the high school gym. Is Fitz really flirting with his mistress over his drunk wife?

Back in D.C., Huck and Quinn are alone again. Oh no, you guys... But anything I could have imagined going down in that parking garage wouldn't be as bad as what actually happens. I could barely handle Huck making out with Quinn, and I definitely couldn't handle him licking her, but now I have to handle both of those things plus really violent sex on the hood of a car. OMG, Shonda is seriously pushing me to the brink. Did this scene totally floor anyone else? I can't with these two! Make it stop!

Meanwhile, as they're engaging in the show's grossest love scene ever, Mama Pope just strolls into OPA to confront Rowan. She asks him to get Olivia back home, so he calls his daughter, and Defiance High School is evacuated. But the bomb wasn't at the high school, and Maya's not at OPA anymore. She left after stabbing her husband, and the bomb has been at Senator Hightower's funeral all along -- a funeral that's only happening because Maya caused that heart attack. Dayum.

The surprises aren't over: Jake figured out Maya's real plan and informed Cyrus, but instead of evacuating the funeral, he lets everyone but Fitz attend the event, meaning Sally, Leo, and Andrew are in the line of fire. And as we learned from the scenes for next week's finale, the bomb does go off.

Wait, so this wasn't the finale? Man. Will Eli survive? Who will make it out alive from the senator's funeral? And where is Charlie to prevent all this Huck and Quinn action, like for real? As the promo said: Watch it live Thursday, or hate yourself Friday. We'll be here live with you next week, Gladiators! We're going to need each other...

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