Scandal recap: Defiance, Part Deux

While Olivia thinks she prevented an explosion in Ohio, the real fireworks are saved for next week's finale
Ep. 17 | Aired Apr 10, 2014

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Jake is not happy with David Rosen going behind his back to help dismantle B613, so now he's asking him a favor. And since he watched Jake shoot James in the head, he's all ears. He wants David to cross-reference Maya's photo with all the city's security cameras so Jake can find her first. Maya's ex-husband, however, gets her on the phone by calling from her boyfriend's phone and threatening to shoot Dominic if she doesn't say where the bomb is. Maya tells him to go ahead and tells her man goodbye. Cold-hearted. Then Rowan kicks everyone out of the room and a single shot is fired. Did he really just execute Dominic?

Back from commercial break, and the answer is a very solid YES. How do I know this? Because of the brains pouring out of his head. The sight is almost as bad as when Maya chewed through her own wrist. Almost. And after he's done murdering people, Rowan sets up Leo to think that Jerry is, indeed, Fitz's kid.

Olivia is having a hard time getting over a dude's brains being blown out in her office, so she calls Jake. And while he should hate her now, he thinks what they had was real. "That wasn't you handling me, that was us," he says of their night together. But then she talks about loving Fitz and that their night together was a betrayal. Jake, however, calls it a "first step." A first step to what?

On top of being Maya's lover, Dominic was also the person who convinced Liv's mom to marry Rowan for access to the government. So while Rowan is sorry for getting brains on the walls of his daughter's office, he's not sorry for killing him. Fair enough. While Charlie and Huck fight over how to dispose of Dominic's body, Quinn just takes off to get rid of him herself.

Olivia finds out that Fitz is heading to Ohio after all by hearing a helicopter in the background of her phone call with Cy. Rowan says Liv needs to head to the Buckeye State too, because the one person Maya won't blow up is Olivia. This plan could go one of two ways...

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