Scandal recap: Defiance, Part Deux

While Olivia thinks she prevented an explosion in Ohio, the real fireworks are saved for next week's finale
Ep. 17 | Aired Apr 10, 2014

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Back at OPA, Quinn has to choose between Huck's plan and Charlie's plan for finding the man behind the bomb. And Olivia is trying to figure out what her dad really has against Dominic, when Fitz calls to ask Liv's permission to pursue Senator Hightower's eulogy. Obviously, the best moment is when Fitz thinks Sally is closing in on an NAACP endorsement. "The NAACP is not supporting Sally Langston," Olivia says. "Have you met Sally?" Fitz: "I'm telling you, I'm losing." Liv: "And I'm telling you I'm black." HA.

But Olivia refuses to give her permission, because she wants to keep Fitz alive. She also acknowledges that it's the four-year anniversary of his dad's death. (Is that why Mellie is already hitting the sauce?) Fitz takes her advice and does all his campaign appearances via satellite, while his staff hits the phones. I have to say, the spark between Fitz and Olivia during the video interviews reminds you why these two work together in the first place. Sometimes the melodrama makes you forget why Olitz are Olitz.

People are really nailing the greetings tonight, BTW. When Harrison sees Rowan in the doorway, he says, "Poppa's OK if I call you Poppa Pope, right?" Um, probably not. Charlie and Quinn return empty-handed after trying to track down Dominic, just as Huck appears with the bomb-maker all tied up in a duct-tape bow. Is that Quinn's turned-on face I see? Ugh, I wish it wasn't.

Meanwhile, Leo is back at the prep school to meet with his Lacrosse Lolita. Turns out he's doing business with her to get some, um, forensic evidence from the First Son. While she could have just stolen a toothbrush, she decided to get some different DNA from Jerry. Total Harvard material! Leo then calls Rowan asking for presidential DNA so he can test if Jerry is really Fitz's son. Where did this rumor all of a sudden come from? And is Jerry III really Big Jer's son? Looks like we're about to find out.

Of course, when Rowan tells Olivia what Leo is up to, she immediately suspects Andrew is the father. And Liv knows it's not an accident that Leo got his hands on this information. Mellie wanted someone to find out to hurt Fitz. "I want his head in the fire, and I want to see him burn," she spits in her drunken drawl. She also lets it out who the dad really is -- the first person in the world who she's told the truth, and it's her husband's mistress. "You'll help me," Mellie directs Liv. Honestly, Olivia kind of owes her that much.

NEXT: Russian roulette with Maya's Russian boyfriend

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