Scandal recap: You Got Pope'd

Olivia Pope is torn in her work and love lives -- but one bombshell could change everything
Ep. 05 | Aired Oct 31, 2013

FRIENDS FOREVER? Olivia Pope was hired -- and fired -- by Lisa Kudrow's Josephine Marcus this week. Should Liv go back to Fitz, or should she harness some girl power with the congresswoman?

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Despite Fitz's very recent declaration of love, Olivia hasn't given up on Jake. While Huck and Jake make an Icelandic breakthrough in their Operation Remington investigation, Liv calls and asks Jake to take her to the Correspondents Dinner. He stupidly accepts. Actually, scratch the stupid part: We get to see Captain Ballard in full military regalia and a striking black-and-white gown on Olivia, so carry on, you two. Keep looking way too hot for D.C.

Sally Langston has ulterior motives for the night's festivities. She corners Leo Bergen in the men's room -- while he's otherwise occupied at the urinal -- to try to pin him down as a campaign manager. But she's not working on Fitz's behalf; she's courting him to run her Independent campaign for president.

Liv, meanwhile, is summoned by Secret Service to the Presidential Suite, and she struts all the way there, thinking Fitz will be waiting with open arms -- only to find Mellie instead. But if you were expecting a catfight, Mellie only gets in one zinger ("I like your new boyfriend. Is he married?") before proposing that Liv run Fitz's re-election campaign. Come again now? "He can't breathe when you're not here," she tells her onetime nemesis. "He doesn't have the will to run, let alone win, without you. You're everything to him, Liv. He needs you, so I need you." Wow.

Abby surprises David back at his place, in a green satin gown, and it turns out she didn't want to go to the dinner because her abusive ex-husband was there. What does this all mean? It means Abby and David are sleeping together again. Just like we knew they would.

In other relationship drama, Jake has had enough of the Olivia love triangle and is taking a taxi home. "I don't play second fiddle to anyone -- even the president," he tells her (a much manlier statement than when he yelled "more wine" last week so Fitz could hear). Liv can't hang around much longer anyway. Harrison summons her back to the office, where he's waiting with Josie. Looks like another triangle is entering Olivia's life, and this one also includes Fitz: Josie wants Liv back as her campaign manager. She declines, Harrison says "WTF," and Quinn unpacks her Montana gun. Never a dull moment at P&A.

Huck is lurking in the shadows at Jake's place when he gets back from the dinner, and he's had a Remington breakthrough. Fitz was in Iceland to shoot down a plane that day, on behalf of the U.S. government. Who was on that plane? Maya Lewis, a.k.a. Rowan's wife, a.k.a. OLIVIA'S MOM. Follow that, Gladiators? If Huck is right, Fitz killed Liv's mom. Can she trust no man in her life ever? To make this even more heartbreaking, Huck's revelation is juxtaposed with images of Olivia all pumped up about getting the Fitz team back together, complete with her Grant for President T-shirt and a photographic walk down memory lane.

So, a LOT happened in this episode: Montana trips, sisters/daughters, debates, off-the-grid investigations, fancy dinners -- all capped by one hell of a bombshell. I'm sufficiently scared for Halloween. What did you think, Gladiators? Is the Operation Remington mystery finally paying off? And even you Jake opponents have to admit he looked pretty good in uniform...

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