Scandal recap: You Got Pope'd

Olivia Pope is torn in her work and love lives -- but one bombshell could change everything
Ep. 05 | Aired Oct 31, 2013

FRIENDS FOREVER? Olivia Pope was hired -- and fired -- by Lisa Kudrow's Josephine Marcus this week. Should Liv go back to Fitz, or should she harness some girl power with the congresswoman?

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*Gratuitous shirtlessness alert!* In the grand tradition of Game of Thrones' sexposition comes the Shonda Rhimes shirtless-yet-informative phone call. We'll call it Grrrr-izon. (Or maybe we won't.) Jake's shirt was clearly getting in the way of all of Huck's information, so it had to go. The pair's current goal: pinpointing Fitz's exact location during Operation Remington. Jake puts his shirt back on (boo!) so he can break into Huck's office at Pope & Associates and process the data from Rowan's computer.

Jake gets caught leaving the office by Liv, but he just tells her he was worried and came to check on her. She claims she forgot her phone, but she's holding it. "You forgot your secret Fitz phone..." Jake realizes. She's waiting for the prez to call so she can vet his jokes for the White House Correspondents Dinner, but she's done waiting: She throws the phone (which looks like it was manufactured when Bill Clinton was in office) in the trash and goes out for burgers with the available -- though no less complicated -- Jake.

Meanwhile, back in Montana, Harrison and Abby find Josie's nurse, who reveals that the baby was never put up for adoption; she was raised right there in Red Springs -- as Josie's sister, Candice, her now campaign manager. Liv tries to convince Josie to tell the truth, but she says that area is "off-limits." Fitz is all too ready to go outside his limits, asking Cyrus how he can get rid of B613. Cy says questioning the agency will lead to "a lone gunman on a grassy knoll. Ask Kennedy." And Quinn, well, she's trying to trade in computer equipment for a gun. Montana suits her.

At the first Democratic Primary debate, Liv realizes that Josie is going to get ambushed about her teenage pregnancy and tells her to come clean. She hesitates, but ultimately tells part of the story to the American people -- and indirectly tells the whole truth to her sister/daughter. Cyrus realizes Josie just won "the hearts of America" with Liv's help, but the congresswoman is torn up over tarnishing her relationship with Candice. "I'm glad you found that beautiful," Josie sneers to Olivia. "You're fired."

Olivia retreats to a wine glass and a dark office when her Fitz phone starts ringing from the trash. She, of course, digs it out and answers it, and they banter about his Correspondents Dinner jokes -- but Fitz is too ashamed to make jokes because he fears he is the joke lately. Liv goes into Fixer mode, telling Fitz to mock his image and offering up some Roast-worthy lines (Kerry Washington got some practice for her SNL hosting gig this weekend). Fitz even drops the L-word on Liv, and he doesn't awkwardly wait for her to say it back. One person who doesn't find this Olitz back-and-forth adorable: Mellie, who's been watching through the door all along.

Abby and the rest of the team are back from Montana, but for some reason, she decides to lie to her sometime boyfriend David Rosen (who, you know, investigates things for a living as a U.S. Attorney) and says she's still out west. Of course, he's standing at her door and catches her in this completely pointless lie. Like I said last week: I'm ignoring their dramz and just assuming they're always sleeping together. Because they are.

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