Scandal recap: You Got Pope'd

Olivia Pope is torn in her work and love lives -- but one bombshell could change everything
Ep. 05 | Aired Oct 31, 2013

FRIENDS FOREVER? Olivia Pope was hired -- and fired -- by Lisa Kudrow's Josephine Marcus this week. Should Liv go back to Fitz, or should she harness some girl power with the congresswoman?

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So what does this mean for Pope & Associates? Field trip! The gang hops a flight to Red Springs, Montana, to bury Josephine's past deep in the red clay. While the team sets up shop in their hunting lodge/hotel room, Huck works on his side-mission with Jake -- and Quinn is sniffing around his business yet again. (A restraining order might be required. Actually, Harrison agrees and grounds Baby Huck. Ha!)

One of the files Jake and Huck got off Rowan's computer was a video of his conversation with the president, who's up in arms over Pete Foster's death. (Some readers were confused last week about who Pete is, so a quick recap of what we know so far: Pete Foster was listed as the pilot on Operation Remington, but was it actually Fitz flying the plane? Jake and four other men were on the ground for that mission as well, so they should probably watch their backs. Rowan set up Huck to kill Pete in episode 3.) "Who else has to die to protect a secret that no one else on this planet is looking for?" Fitz asks Rowan. Well, actually, someone is looking -- two someones. And just as Huck is explaining all this, Jake is approached by an ominous black SUV and instructed to get inside.

But it's not Rowan/Eli/Dad who sent for Jake; it's the president himself. And we now know how Fitz has stayed in shape all these years since terrorizing Patrick Swayze in Ghost: Basketball! If things are getting a little too heavy for you in Washington, D.C., it's time for a lighthearted (albeit passive-aggressive) game of hoops between Fitz and Jake, set to the strains of Average White Band's "Pick up the Pieces." (Scandal does not win the award for best use of this song, however; that prize goes to Swingers for the Tarantino-inspired slow walk scene.) Jake also gets another one of Fitz's "you were just supposed to watch her" speeches, but maybe he should have thought about that before putting his hottest friend in charge of stalking his mistress. Food for thought.

Cyrus, meanwhile, needs a little stalking of his own: He calls up Liv to dig up dirt on Josephine -- or Josie (thanks for the brevity, Cy; "Josephine" is a mouthful). Olivia declines the job with a smirk on her face, but smartly doesn't show all her cards to her old coworker. Instead, she gives her Montana team a heads-up that the White House is also sniffing around, allowing them to head off all Cy's attempts to blackball Josie. In the words of Cy's Montana lapdog: "We got Pope'd, sir!"

This week's drama isn't contained out west: Vice President Sally Langston and Mellie are both preoccupied with getting turned down by Leo Bergen (he might have a little more free time, now that Josie chose Liv over him), and Fitz knows that Jake has a renewed interest in Operation Remington (though he cautions Rowan to leave Captain Ballard alone). Cy -- recalibrating after his brutal Poping -- thinks his best course is to leak Josie's baby secret to her Democratic rival, Governor Reston, and let him do the White House's dirty work.

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