Scandal recap: Presidential Balls

Olivia's daddy issues run deep, Fitz lies about his affair to save Jake, and Huck freaks everyone out
Ep. 02 | Aired Oct 10, 2013

POPE AND LOCKE Lyin' Liv urges Jeanine to tell the truth.

Danny Feld/ABC

Meanwhile, Mellie gets busy after fuming at some annoying talking heads on the news who suggest she set Jeanine and Olivia up out of jealousy, a move which may have ruined her political career. Oh hell no. Mellie speeds off in a town car to the place of nightmares -- Olivia Pope's apartment, where Jeanine's staying -- and convinces the former White House staffer to confirm the fake affair for a cool, tax-free $2 million.

Jeanine, flush with heavy makeup and the promise of wealth, seems eager to confess that she'd indeed spent those late nights at the White House juggling presidential-sized balls. Olivia verbally throttles her with a wakeup call: If she lies, she'll hate herself forever and ever, especially when she looks in the mirror. I still feel like Jeanine will go for the money. All she'd have to do is throw out her mirrors? That's easy!

The decision isn't Jeanine's to make, in the end: Fitz calls a press conference to confirm the affair. (Does Jeanine still get the money? Or will she have to settle for a book deal, one Abby insists will set her up for life?) As Fitz explains to Cy on one hell of a sexy power trip, he had one of two options: Reveal Cy as the orchestrator of the Jeanine lie and get them both kicked out of office, or lie himself and get Jake released.

"How presidential are my balls now, Cy?" A rhetorical question, as both Cyrus and the president's balls were about to explode.

Sally Langston is not buying all this, so expect some big blowback from her next week along with a woman (possibly Jeanine's mother? is that nuts?) who's about to set off a bomb. BOOM. Click click click click click. Scandal.

What are your thoughts, Gladiators? #GoodJake or #BadJake? How much red wine did episode 2 compel you to drink? Would Olivia approve of its quality? Would anyone else not mind an entire episode of the Vermont-based alternate reality Fitz and Olivia still desperately want to jam in? Is Huck off to kill Olivia's dad? WHAT WAS IN THE FOLDER?


Fun fact: EW's Sandra Gonzalez was a reporter at Fitz's press conference! Read all about her experience as a 'Scandal' extra over on PopWatch.

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