Scandal recap: Presidential Balls

Olivia's daddy issues run deep, Fitz lies about his affair to save Jake, and Huck freaks everyone out
Ep. 02 | Aired Oct 10, 2013

POPE AND LOCKE Lyin' Liv urges Jeanine to tell the truth.

Danny Feld/ABC

Olivia gives a press conference for her client, Jeanine Locke, saying she did NOT have sex with that man. Fitzgerald Grant. Over in the White House, Cyrus urges Fitz to "grow some presidential-sized balls," go out on TV, and say they DID have an affair. But Mellie and Cy can't push those massive balls around. Only the president's girlfriend can do that.

Daddy Pope shows up at OPA (talk about balls) and has a heated behind-glass-windows conversation with his daughter. And all roads lead back to Jake: "If you ever want to see Jake Ballard again, America will believe it was Jeanine Locke who had an affair with the president," father threatens daughter while grabbing her cheeks (thereby foreshadowing the final scene with Olivia and Huck). I love Olivia's controlled "pleasant face" -- her coworkers were watching! -- as she seethes "What. Did you do to him." in a similar cadence to last week's "What. Did. You. Do."

"Ask your friend, Huck," her evil dad replies. So without making the connection between B613 and her dad for Huck, she begs Huck for details on what exactly the CIA offshoot does with its…investments. "They use the hole," he shudders. "That's when they make you wish you were dead." No! Not her Jakey!

So Liv calls the White House, a casual acquaintance to which she need only announce "I need him" -- not even her name! -- and someone knows what to do. Jam-Master Pope on Phone Line One, sir. Liv reminds Fitz that Jake Ballard saved her life, he reminds her that Jake is not exactly his favorite person, and she goes for the romantic jugular. "Get him away from them, please. For me."

But it's not that easy. After hilariously pretending for a few seconds that he didn't know what B613 was, Cyrus informed Fitz that he can't just request things from that organization. They don't answer to Fitz. They're not like the Dalai Lama; his presidential balls have no way of entering their basketball court. Fitz is screwed…unless he admits to the affair with Jeanine.

NEXT: 'You're evil.' 'You're welcome.' --Cyrus and Mellie

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