Scandal recap: Presidential Balls

Olivia's daddy issues run deep, Fitz lies about his affair to save Jake, and Huck freaks everyone out
Ep. 02 | Aired Oct 10, 2013

POPE AND LOCKE Lyin' Liv urges Jeanine to tell the truth.

Danny Feld/ABC

Daddy Pope lies to Olivia that Huck was a seasoned criminal, but she doesn't believe him and scuttles off to one David Rosen -- with facial hair and black hipster glasses! -- for a more thorough check. David can't find anything on Huck; his prints from her purse were clean. Just then Olivia notices that the pen she'd lifted from her dad's house says "Acme". Wait, why are there branded pens for this fake company fronting a secret organization? It doesn't matter. Stay focused.

Olivia connects the dots and snoops around near the Acme Limited building on Wonderland Ave. -- hey, that was easy -- in one of her billion pristine coats of the episode. (You never know when you might be whisked away into a chilly fairytale when it comes to Wonderland.) When Olivia confronts her dad -- "What do you do for a living? Don't tell me it's fossils." -- he pauses for a long time, then calmly yet intensely insists, "You do not want to know me that way. But if you push, you will... and that will break my heart, because I'm enjoying these Sunday dinners."

We also learn Daddy Pope set up Edison in an "accident" at the Washington Monument and is the reason Olivia didn't marry the senator. The same night her dad reinstates Huck as a resident of Union Station (you know Wonderland must be really bad when the fake D.C. Metro feels like a luxury hotel), he calls to inform her he "just had a strong feeling Mr. Davis isn't the right man for the job."

"THIS IS OVER. WE ARE DONE," she screams.

"We're family, sweetie. We're never done."

Back to present day: Quinn a.k.a. Baby Huck has taken it upon herself to read through Olivia's lifelong email records as if it ain't no thang. What, is she bored? Quit yer hackin', lady! Focus on Jeanine's hemline! Quinn's discovery that Liv and Daddy stopped meeting for dinner five years ago, just after discussing Huck, makes Huck realize Olivia had made a deal for him. She'd lied. So he nearly strangles her in the parking garage. I can't even deal with that.

There's so much more happening! Agh, this show. This is the SECOND EPISODE. And I haven't even mentioned Fitz's presidential-sized balls.

NEXT: Secret cell phone, activate!

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