Scandal season finale recap: 'I'm the Scandal'

Season 3 comes to an explosive end with murder, betrayal, and an unlikely couple flying into the sunset
Ep. 18 | Aired Apr 17, 2014

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When Olivia heads out of her apartment, Huck is just standing there. "I was going to knock..." He tells her that Quinn found his family, and he's thinking they're better off. But one thing he's wrong about is that they're safer, because if Charlie knows their identities, they're never safe.

Eli checks himself out of the hospital and sets out to track down his terrorist ex-wife. Olivia calls him up and wonders: That private jet Eli promised in the season 3 premiere that will sweep her off to a new life -- does that offer still stand? I remember at the time thinking about the How Olivia Got Her Groove Back spin-off possibilities, but now I'm with Abby: I'm totally against this idea. Liv tells OPA that she's leaving and that Eli will take care of everything. Somehow, this seems unlikely. Eli, meanwhile, tracks down Harrison to get to Maya. At first, H won't talk. But then Eli presents photos of Adnan with a bullet through her head. Another dysfunctional love story ends here.

Jake heads to Liv's place to find her packing up her whole life. And while he thinks she's having a pity party, because she realizes that she's at the center of all the various crises in D.C., she insists it's anything but. "This is not a pity party. This is me doing what I do best. I'm handling this. I'm fixing this." And then she says the glorious line that will hopefully be used in promos for seasons to come: "I'm the scandal." Such a trailer line! And Jake wants to hitch a ride to Olivia's new life, repeating my favorite line he's had all season: "Save me." Shonda is truly killing it with the callbacks to the show's most epic moments. "Stand in the sun" gets a shout-out too. So will Olivia bring her fake boyfriend along on the trip?

Harrison's intel leads armed guards straight to Maya's location, and Eli is making sure she won't cause any more trouble. "She was taken off site and disposed of. ... Maya Pope is dead," Eli says matter-of-factly. Harrison returns to OPA to find that Olivia is making her escape. He heads to Eli's office to try to get Olivia to stay -- and that's when he begins to put all the pieces together.

Everything was tied up in a nice bow for Eli: B613 is reinstated, Olivia is leaving town, Fitz became president just like she wanted, and he kept all his promises. ELI IS STILL EVIL, of course. (At least I got one part of my prediction right.) "He took my child, so I took his," Eli says of murdering Jerry. Ice. Cold. Oh, and he also killed Adnan just to get Harrison to talk. Well, technically, undercover B613 and Secret Service agent Tom did all the dirty work, of course.

NEXT: We won the presidential election...yay?

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