Scandal season finale recap: 'I'm the Scandal'

Season 3 comes to an explosive end with murder, betrayal, and an unlikely couple flying into the sunset
Ep. 18 | Aired Apr 17, 2014

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Apparently word has traveled to Charlie that Huck and Quinn are licking each other all over D.C., so he's moving out. He leaves a parting gift of a manila envelope that contains something Huck really wants. Is it a postage stamp? Or a Tootsie Roll Pop? Or something else he can lick besides Quinn?

Back in the Oval Office, Fitz is writing his concession speech and dreaming of his post-presidential days as a small-town mayor in Vermont, with Olivia as his jam-making wife. All that comes to a screeching halt when Olivia decides it's her place to tell Fitz about his dad raping Mellie. Wow. Mellie has kept this secret for almost two decades, and when one single person gets wind of it, the word is out in a matter of days. Gladiators: Was this Liv's news to tell? Fitz initially is in denial over the news, but then he realizes it's true. He immediately goes to Mellie, and she knows he knows. "Olivia Pope can't do anything right," she says. But it turns into a wonderfully sweet moment, and we learn once and for all that Jerry IV is Fitz's son. What does this mean for Fitz and Mellie? (Any #TeamMellitz members out there?)

Back to the fairytale romance of Huckleberry Quinn. Ha! Actually, it's my waking nightmare. Quinn, of course, opens Charlie's mysterious envelope, and it's proof that Huck's pre-B613 wife and son are still alive. So she takes him there and tells him that she loves him. In return, he shoves her and tells her to never speak to him again. I'm with him.

Olitz are in the midst of a reality check after Liv divulges Mellie's secret. "Vermont's not happening, I understand," Liv tells Fitz on the phone. She acknowledges that they can't be together now that he knows the truth about what happened to Mellie, and then they just stay on the phone for a minute in silence. These two are super romantic, I'll give you that. When Olivia returns to her dad's hospital room, her mom is waiting there. And back at the speech, Jerry sneezes up blood and then collapses onstage. Who killed the president's son?

And what is Olivia's first thought after Jerry's death? Now, they're going to win the election, because the first family lost their son. "When did we get like this?" she asks Cyrus. Jerry died of meningitis -- the same strain that went missing from a lab a week ago. Maya has to be behind this, right? The president sure thinks so. "She killed my son," Fitz tells Eli in the hospital. "So now I'm going to kill her."

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