Revolution recap: Betrayal

It's an unexpected family reunion for Nora and a victory for General Monroe
Ep. 08 | Aired Nov 12, 2012

AMBITION Julia Neville (Kim Raver) reveals to her husband (Giancarlo Esposito) her hopes and dreams for his future in the militia.

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Meanwhile, Charlie finally talks to Nora about all that she’s been overhearing. “You gotta go,” she says. “I’m not your family. Look, if my dad was still alive, and I could spend just one more minute with him, I would do anything, I would give anything.”

So, with Charlie’s blessing, Nora slings on her pack and starts saying her goodbyes. Actually, in the case of Miles, she’s kissing her goodbyes. She gets close to him, and Miles can barely even look at her. “It’ll be a lot tougher to get Danny back without –” but Nora interrupts him, grabbing his face and kissing him hard. Charlie and Aaron awkwardly turn away. Nora pulls away, and Miles says that he doubts he’ll ever see her again. But Nora isn’t as worried about that. “That’s what you said last time,” she says. She flashes one last small, sweet smile at Aaron and Charlie, then walks away with her sister.

Cut to Colonel Faber now where Jason was not long before: being beaten by fellow militia. Monroe is furious in his calmly furious way, but he’s grateful to Neville. And he has changed his mind about sending Jason to California. “But Tom,” he warns, “you keep him in line.”

On the road, Mia is teasing Nora about her affections for Miles, when the two of them walk right into a gathering of militiamen. And that’s when we find out that Mia isn’t what she’s appeared to be. “It’s OK,” she says. Mia marches over to Strauser and hands him the pendant. “I led Matheson and the others to the ferry landing just like you asked,” she tells the sergeant. In return, Mia and Nora are free to go. But if Mia thought that everything would be happy and dandy between her and her sister after she’s “saved her life” as Strauser reminds Nora, then Mia was wrong. This is a total betrayal, and Nora makes sure Mia knows it. Not only did Mia place the Locket of Power and Miles in the militia’s hands, not only has Mia been bounty hunting rebels for the past year, but she also lied to Nora: She never did find their father. Nora, utterly hurt, tells her sister she’s never lied to her. Oh, but she did, Mia reminds her, and about much the same thing: She lied about their mom being alive 15 years ago.

But this time is different, Nora says: Now Mia has also put her friends in danger, friends who risked their lives for hers. “Don’t try to find me. Don’t follow me,” Nora says, then runs off.

That’s about when Aaron discovers the pendant is no longer in his pocket. His first reaction is to blame Miles. Then they realize what’s happened with the pendant but not soon enough – the militia have caught up to them. With gunfire raining on them, Miles and Charlie hide behind an abandoned SUV. “Hold your fire. I’m coming out,” Miles shouts, with Charlie gripping his leg. But out he walks, facing Strauser – who we’ve learned is the one militiaman Miles feared. A militia soldier is handcuffing Miles, but then Nora charges in, slashing at militiamen, making her way to Miles. When she reaches him, passing off a gun she lifted from a militiaman, she gives Miles an expectant smile. “I knew you couldn’t stay away,” Miles says.

Nora, Miles, Aaron and Charlie escape the militia, but the only way out is a ledge overlooking the roaring river. So they jump in.
Once they’ve made it out of the river and on the shore of the other side, it’s time to deal with the problem of the stolen pendant. “What do you think’ll happen if Monroe figures out that necklace,” Miles drills into Aaron. “I don’t know. He will turn the lights on and buy the world a coke?” is all the response a remorseful Aaron has. But Miles makes sure Aaron knows: Monroe doesn’t care about lights. All he cares about is weapons. So Monroe is going to start rolling out jets and drones, and people with swords and muskets will be helpless against it. People are going to die, and it’s all Aaron’s fault.

In Philadelphia, Strauser presents Monroe the pendant. Monroe stares at it, transfixed. And oh my gosh, this thing seriously is the one ring. And apparently Monroe is Boromir. “So much fuss,” he says. “For such a little thing.”

In the home of Julia and Tom Neville, Jason is back safe and sound, but it’s not enough for the ambitious Julia Neville: “Sebastian is not what he was,” she says. “Ever since General Matheson left, he has become more and more paranoid and erratic.” The woman who helped put the father of a traitor in the path of Monroe’s wrath is now having treasonous thoughts herself: “We need a real leader,” she says. And of course, that man is her husband.

Bass checks in on Rachel, who is building a contraption that will work with the pendants to turn on the lights. “So now you have everything you need,” Bass tells her. But does she? Doesn’t she need all 12 pendants, to rule them all and bind them?

The episode ends with Randall Flynn and Grace. Turns out they’ve got a little electrical power – computers fill a room in their base that’s at an unknown location. These computers have at least one very useful function: They can track the pendants. So they know Ben Matheson’s pendant is in Philadelphia. But Randall isn’t going to do anything about it, he says. “You are,” he tells Grace. And out backs the camera through a large construction filled with octagonacal machinery, much like the ones Rachel is drawing and building.

Sound off in the comments below about this episode. What did you think of Mia? This episode had no Danny and probably featured Charlie the least of all episodes thus far -- did that impact this episode for better or for worse? Lightning still exists but we can’t channel it – what do you make of that? Is it time to start making new maps, replacing the Monroe Republic with the Neville Republic? And what do you think Randall will make Grace do about the Locket of Power being in Monroe's hands?

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