Revolution recap: Betrayal

It's an unexpected family reunion for Nora and a victory for General Monroe
Ep. 08 | Aired Nov 12, 2012

AMBITION Julia Neville (Kim Raver) reveals to her husband (Giancarlo Esposito) her hopes and dreams for his future in the militia.

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Over in Philadelphia, Jason’s learning that just because you’re the son of General Monroe’s right-hand man, that doesn’t mean you’ll escape the wrath of the militia. He’s been beaten by a pair of burly militia soldiers. When Major Neville finds out, he immediately rushes to Monroe’s office to find out why he’s ordered that his son be tortured. Before Neville gets a word out about Jason, Monroe tells him about the lighthouse that mysteriously turned on for a few seconds. “Well, that’s fascinating stuff, sir,” Neville says without a hint of fascination. “Could I have a word?” Does Neville really have no interest in the biggest sign that electrical power can still work since the blackout, or is he simply too furious about how his son’s being treated to care at the moment? It would be interesting if it turned out Neville doesn’t want the power to come back on – is he afraid his life will go back to the miserable way it was before the blackout?

In any case, he successfully steers the conversation over to the subject of his son. Monroe is having him punished for bribing a stableman for information on Strauser’s whereabouts. This guy just can’t seem to get the message that having the hots for some rebel girl isn’t going to get you anything good from the militia. But a few bruises and cuts across the face isn’t the only punishment Monroe has planned for Jason; he’s sending him to the California Commonwealth on a so-called diplomatic expedition. Neville does not like that idea one bit. “Those heathens have been known to send our boys home in a box,” he objects. You hear that, Californians? Fifteen years in the future, Philadelphians will know us as heathens.

Monroe isn’t going to budge on this. In fact, he assures Neville that he’s being generous. If he weren’t being shipped off to California, Jason would be facing execution for treason.

About 300 miles away, Mia, reunited with her sister, makes it her first order of business to make it clear that she has no fondness for Miles. And that she thinks it’s crazy that they are headed for Philadelphia.

Another flashback reveals the moment Nora and Mia arrive at their father’s house on the shores of Galveston, Texas. He’s not there. The house is empty. No Mom. No Dad. So Nora has to finally tell her sister that their mother left no note; she’s dead.

Back in the present, Mia is urging Nora to abandon her mission to Philly and come with her to Texas. She found their dad, she says. But Nora still has her mind set on going to Philadelphia – she won’t break her promise to Charlie, who’s overhearing this whole conversation between sisters. “It’s her family,” Nora says. “I’m your family,” Mia says. She’s convinced Nora won’t make it out of Philadelphia alive, but she relents and offers to help the gang across the river before trekking out to Texas alone.

In Philadelphia, Neville is at home looking at his map, at the great distance between the Monroe Republic and the California Commonwealth, when his wife, Julia, walks in with a juicy bit of intel to share. Their housekeeper, Rose, overheard Colonel Faber talking to his wife about their son, who’s fighting for the rebels. Julia stares steely-eyed at her husband. Both know what this means: Monroe will only shower Neville with rewards if he delivers this kind of information to him. Then we get a Han-Leia moment: “I love you,” Neville says. “I know,” Julia responds.

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