Revolution recap: The Lost Boys

A mission to save a child sends Charlie on another dangerous, undercover mission; flashbacks reveal an inkling of answers about what caused the blackout
Ep. 07 | Aired Nov 5, 2012

LIKE BROTHER, LIKE SISTER When Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos) meets Michael, she can't help but identify with his determination to find and rescue his brother captured by militia.

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By the time there’s daylight again, all the kids on the ship have been taken safely back to shore. Miles asks Aaron what the hell happened in that lighthouse, and Aaron fesses up: He explains that the Locket of Power, the pendant Miles got a glance at the day before, can sometimes turn the power back on. Miles is surprised that Aaron got this from his brother, but he’s more furious, enraged that Aaron has had this pendant on him the whole time they’ve been on this journey. Miles demands Aaron hand it over – he wants to smash it, destroy any possibility that the militia can get its hands on it. But Aaron’s not so quick to part with a device that holds so much hope for the power coming back on.

This episode also presented us with two other flashbacks: Rachel, with Ben at her side, has an ultrasound. Things don’t look good for the baby boy that we know as Danny: There’s a blood vessel missing, so the baby isn’t getting enough circulation to the lungs and other organs. He has a low chance of survival. The news brings the Matheson couple, who had hours before been in a near-fight, into a teary embrace. Later, we see Mr. Flynn encounter Rachel outside the lab: He’s heard about the baby’s condition, and he offers to help get Rachel at the top of a long waiting list for a fetoscopic trial at Columbia University. Rachel knows this means the Department of Defense secretary wants something in return, but he’s not owning up to that – he simply says he wants Rachel to be his friend.

Rachel’s not the only person on the electrical power research team Flynn wants to befriend. Back in the present, we see a long absent Grace locked up. Much like we first see Rachel, she’s sketching (or writing?) in a notebook. Into her cage walks Randall, the man who kidnapped her several episodes ago, face still unseen. “What do you want?” Grace says. And that’s when we see his face: It’s Mr. Flynn. “Grace,” he says in a creepy, slightly raspy voice, taking a step closer to her, “I just want us to be friends.”

So people, we have two big takeaways from this episode:
Randall = Dr. Flynn
Colin Ford = Jared Padalecki

Your turn to chime in, Revolutionaries. What did you think of this episode? Did it live up to the answers-promising promo? Do you think Aaron or Miles is right about the Locket of Power – should it be sent back to the fiery chasm from whence it came or should Aaron keep his preciouuuus? How do you feel about the whole gang (and a bunch of Lost Boys, to some extent) being in on the secret of the Locket of Power? Will Charlie’s Monroe Militia brand come in handy more, or will it cause problems when she meets people like the children in this episode who search for the marks of a militia soldier? How touching were Miles’ unclely (come on, if motherly and fatherly are words, unclely has got to be a word) reflexes this episode? I loved seeing Nora have to hold him back when the militiaman punches Charlie and the pain in his face when he sees the militia brand on her wrist. How does the Locket of Power work? Aaron can’t seem to find a way to control when it turns on, but Grace had plenty of control over hers. Fingerprint recognition, perhaps? Then what’s causing Aaron’s to turn on? How long do you think Monroe will be satisfied with Rachel’s refusal to explain what caused the blackout as long as she gets the lights back on? What do you think are the dots that connect Mr. Flynn’s initial involvement with Ben and Rachel’s team and the ultimate blackout? And what do you hope to see in next week’s episode?

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