Revolution recap: The Lost Boys

A mission to save a child sends Charlie on another dangerous, undercover mission; flashbacks reveal an inkling of answers about what caused the blackout
Ep. 07 | Aired Nov 5, 2012

LIKE BROTHER, LIKE SISTER When Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos) meets Michael, she can't help but identify with his determination to find and rescue his brother captured by militia.

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On a weed-covered path, the gang of child-savers are tracking a trail of militia wagons. A few yards behind Miles and Charlie are Nora and Aaron, who still doesn’t get why Miles is so willing to help these kids. Aaron with his lines this episode! “The guy has raised dickishness to an art form, and now he’s down to rescue some strange kid?” But Nora knows: These children’s parents were killed seven or eight years ago, when Miles was head of the militia. There’s no way he’s not going to help them when he is to blame for the events that led to their orphaning.

Then Miles senses someone following them. He steps into the bunch of evergreen trees that line the path, sword drawn. And he comes back out with none other than Michael. The kid’s a lot like Charlie – Peter is his brother, so he has to help rescue him, that's all there is to it. “You can’t stop me,” he says.

Miles isn’t missing the similarity between his niece and this stubborn teen. “It’s irritating when a dumb kid tells you what to do, isn’t it?” he snarks at Charlie, who shoots her uncle a forced smile. So Miles and Charlie relent. They let Michael – and three younger children he’s brought with him – come along.

Over in Philadelphia, things aren’t going the way Rachel wants them to (not that they have up until now, but things are getting worse). Brad, her friend who is indeed captured in Philly too, rebukes Rachel for her betrayal, for giving him up, for telling Monroe about the pendants. He doesn’t seem to understand that Rachel felt she had no choice when Monroe started threatening to hurt Danny – that is, he doesn’t understand until a militiaman brings in a teenage girl. It’s Eve, Brad’s daughter. Rachel breaks down, stricken with guilt and helplessness as she sees her friend about to go through the same thing with his child that she went through.

Back to the band of misfits on a mission to rescue Peter Pan: When they stop for water, one kid goes digging through Aarons pack and finds the last thing Aaron wants to be found: his Locket of Power. Miles sees it and sees how nervous Aaron is when he questions him about it, but he doesn’t get any answers out of him, and when Nora calls the gang over to look at something she’s found, he lets it go.

What Nora’s found is a huge ship out on a still body of water. Standing next to a lighthouse that towers over the shore, they all stare out at the ship, as Miles ominously tells them what it is: It’s a conscription facility. In go kids, and out comes soldiers.

The gang launches a plan to get Peter back. Charlie places herself in the path of militia onshore – they capture her and put her just where she intends to be: in uniform, on that ship. With a little bit of acting, a little bit of fighting and a little bit of trickery, she manages to steal the keys from a militia soldier. But then she finds herself in the path of Lieutenant Slotnick – the lieutenant who moments ago beat a child who was feeling a little homesick.

While the rest of the gang waits in the dark lighthouse, we catch up to the moment where the episode started: The glowing red ‘M’ gets closer to Charlie’s wrist, and Slotnick presses it into her right wrist: Welcome to the Monroe Militia, Charlie.

Back at the lighthouse, Miles gathers up the group. Charlie is two hours late – time to go after her. Off go Miles and Nora, while Aaron stays back with the kids. Though Aaron couldn’t do the small (but, to be fair, futile) job of keeping Michael from leaving the lighthouse and going after his brother, he ends up being a big help in the fight against the militia on the conscription ship, though not exactly intentionally. While he’s in the lighthouse, his Locket of Power turns on (“it’s like a firefly,” says one of the kids) and turns on the lighthouse with it. Just when Miles and co. get in a tight spot on the decks of the ship, out across the water streams a flash of bright white light. It ends up being the perfect distraction the gang needs to defeat the collection of militia. They use the opportunity to pick up the weapons the militiamen have forced them to drop on the deck, and in a few moments, all the militia there are dead. And Charlie gets her payback for the still red-hot brand on her wrist – she stabs Slotnick straight through the stomach.

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