Revolution recap: Homecoming

As the Georgia Federation’s offensive against the Monroe Republic begins, Miles, Monroe, and Aaron all face their past
Ep. 15 | Aired Apr 29, 2013

TOWER-BOUND Rachel (Elizabeth Mitchell) and Aaron (Zak Orth) share a brief bright moment after their arrival in the Plains Nation.

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Now, about Aaron and Rachel: They’ve made it to the Plains Nation by crossing the Mississippi River, the Monroe Republic’s western border. In La Grange, Missouri, Rachel pores over Jane Warren’s diary, full of drawings and notes that hold some clue to how they’ll turn the power back on. “It’s kinda like Da Vinci on meth,” she tells Aaron, while sitting at a table in a bustling outdoor market. “It’s gonna take me a while to translate.” Aaron offers to help. Rachel just tells him he can go get supplies – definitely not the kind of help the one-time Google man had in mind. “Two doctorates from MIT, but I’ll go shopping,” Aaron grumbles. Rachel, distracted, just nods without acknowledging his frustration.

As Aaron steps into the marketplace, he sees someone he’s been wanting to see again for a long time: his wife, Priscilla, whom he left years ago, believing she would be safer in the post-Blackout world without her decidedly not-outdoorsy husband. He goes after her, shouts her name, but he loses her in the crowd. Later, we see Rachel urging him to calm down – he’s been searching for Priscilla for hours. Then he finds her at a bar, next to a man with scruffy Scandinavian good looks. Aaron exchanges a few uncertain hi’s with her. But what comes next is certainly not the happy reunion Aaron was hoping for – and it’s not because Priscilla voices any anger about him leaving her. With restrained emotion, she introduces Aaron to the man sitting next to her, “Steve, my husband.” She then introduces Aaron simply as an “old friend.” Priscilla makes it clear she wants him to leave with a “it was good to see you,” but Aaron breathlessly begs her to go someplace where they can talk. Rachel gently pulls Aaron away, as Priscilla watches him go with a pained look on her face. Then it’s revealed that the man sitting next to her has been pointing a gun at her under the bar counter.

Aaron didn’t see the gun, but he knows something was wrong. So, despite Rachel’s insistence that it’s better to let this go, that she won’t be safe where they’re going, Aaron seeks out his wife again. At night, he finds her being tossed into a cart by this man she called Steve, who explains to Aaron that Priscilla is a fugitive. She begs Aaron to walk away, and he does – but then he turns back around and attacks the man keeping Priscilla captive. Punches are thrown – most of them at Aaron, but then Priscilla knocks out her captor cold with a metal bar.

Aaron and his wife go back to one of the market tables to talk, with Rachel sitting nearby. Priscilla tells Aaron that the man was a bounty hunter taking her back to the Monroe Republic – she killed a militia sergeant to protect someone she cares about. Then comes Aaron’s apology: “Priscilla, I have to say this –” She interrupts, “No, you don’t,” but he says, “I am sorry. I never should have left you. I thought I was going to get you killed.” Through tears, Priscilla makes it clear that she thinks Aaron’s belief that he was protecting her is preposterous. Everyone he left her with died, she tells him. “I wish I could take it back, you have no idea,” Aaron says, also shedding tears.

He asks her to come with them. When she says no, he says he’ll go with her. But no, that can’t happen either – because Priscilla really does have a new family. She killed that sergeant to protect her daughter, who’s now 11. Aaron can barely look at her, eyes shifting from side to side, but he asks if Priscilla’s daughter is okay. Yes, she is – his wife’s new family is in Texas. Then he looks her in the eye again and says simply, “Well, then you have to get back to them.”

Priscilla tells Aaron that she loves him and she always will and kisses him – then they let each other go again. “Don’t worry about me anymore,” she whispers. “Goodbye.”

The last scene of the episode takes place in the Georgia Federation Presidential Compound. One of President Foster’s people brings up Miles’ murder of Captain Dickson. “Well, obviously Dickson couldn’t handle him, and I need somebody up there who can,” the President says. Who can handle Miles? Enter Tom Neville. Doors open to reveal the one-time Monroe Republic major in a crisp, gray three-piece suit, and President Foster says, “Tom, I hope you’re ready to get back into action.” Cue dramatic brass section notes – and Neville’s stern face that morphs into a small, sly smile.

Your turn, Revolutionaries. How much did you love seeing Aaron, Miles, and Bass face their past in this episode? What do you think of Charlie’s admission to Nora that she would have taken the shot at Monroe and Emma if Dickson hadn’t? Any thoughts on how Emma’s son could pop up on a future episode? What would you like to see happen as Neville teams with the Georgia Federation?

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