Revolution recap: This Sucker is Nuclear

Miles, Charlie, and Nora trek into The Georgia Federation, while Rachel visits an old friend who reveals more about the nature of the blackout
Ep. 14 | Aired Apr 22, 2013

Rachel Matheson (Elizabeth Mitchell) has a frightening encounter in the woods surrounding the house of an old friend.

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The Georgia soldiers take Miles to the sleek, modern office of the Federation’s President, Kelly Foster (24’s Leslie Hope). The issue of Miles’ innocence is quickly resolved, and as Miles and the President begin talking this problem of a nuclear bomb, Miles calls her by her first name. Does Miles know everybody?

Well, in this case, Miles knows Kelly due to his history as a Monroe Militia general – one who’s to blame for the death of many of Georgia’s troops, and Kelly’s not about to let him forget it. The stately but tough woman presses a pocketknife up against Miles’ crotch, hissing, “I should slit you wide open. You killed how many of my troops?”

“That was a long time ago,” says Miles.

“And what about what you did to me, personally?” Kelly snaps back. So she’s another woman Miles hurt somehow. We don’t found out exactly how, though, because Miles shifts the intense conversation back to the subject of Monroe’s nuke.

Monroe’s helicopters fly over Atlanta, showering down pieces of paper warning the city’s residents that the nuke will go off if their President doesn’t surrender. So as people flee Atlanta, Miles tracks down Alec. When he finds him, we get another flashback: nine years after the blackout, Alec returns from a mission to assassinate the governor of Texas. But Alec failed, and he gets what feels like a stab through the heart when Miles sends him back to Texas to be dealt with the officials there who are hungry for justice after this assassination attempt. Miles will hand the young man who’s like a son to him over to his enemies to prevent war between Texas and the Monroe Republic – because “this is the job.”

So when Miles finds Alec – who has a nasty scar on his neck, a sign of how Texas dealt with him, something Miles now greatly regrets – the young militiaman has one thing to say about his mission to nuke citizens of Georgia and himself: “This is the job.”

A voice on the radio attached to the nuclear bomb orders, “Your mission is a go. Detonate.” Miles, determined to stop Alec, finds himself in hand-to-hand combat with him again – and it’s a fight that ends painfully for Miles, as he stabs Alec in the chest with the family knife.

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