Revolution recap: Randall's Power Play

While the rebels recover from their latest loss, Randall helps Monroe track down more pendants
Ep. 12 | Aired Apr 1, 2013

IT'S SWORD FIGHT TIME AGAIN! Miles (Billy Burke) is outnumbered and outgunned by militiamen, but that's no problem for this guy.

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Meanwhile, in Culpepper, Miles has failed to convince Jim to leave his new façade of a life and help him take down Monroe. While Nora and Miles are on the outskirts of town readying their horses, they see a group of militia ride in – they’re in town for him, “a kill squad,” Miles says. Someone tipped them off about their presence in Culpepper.

So while Rachel, Aaron, and Charlie are fighting off the militia at the rebel base, Miles and Nora, soon joined by Jim, fight off a couple dozen militiamen in Culpepper. It’s about time for another sword fight! And this is a thrilling one, with Miles and Nora outnumbered by gun-bearing militiamen. But in both fights, the good guys manage to win, though not without a couple scares and sacrifices. Rachel is briefly captured by Randall (he’s not just after the pendants; he’s also after her brains) before escaping, and Jim’s wife, Sophie, sees the violent man her husband really is when he slashes the militia captain to death right in front of her.

Later, Jim tries to comfort his wife, but she’s still horrified, and it’s clear she doesn’t want to be with this man she really doesn't know. So Jim decides to go with Miles.

They make their way to the rendezvous point, the rebels’ new camp, where Miles sees Charlie and Rachel patch things up. “I said some terrible things,” Charlie, finally dropping the stony face, says to her mother, and they embrace.

Now before I wrap things up here, we have some important revelations to go over: Randall’s flashbacks. We learn some key things: 1) His marine son, Edward, died in action in Afghanistan a year before the blackout. 2) A month before the blackout, Randall is convinced it’s time to try out their new technology that can wipe out others’ electric power, while Ben and Rachel implore him to try more containment scenarios. 3) The night of the blackout, Randall sits at the head of at a large, long table in the Pentagon with several other government men, connected via satellite to men in Kabul and in the mysterious Tower we learned of last week. Holding the dog tags of his dead son in his hands, he orders, “Tower, prepare to execute.” I have a feeling that not long after that he starts wishing he'd tried more containment scenarios.

So it looks like we’re very close to some complete answers here. And so is Aaron. Aaron has been begging since Rachel’s return for her to explain where she’s been and how she’s not the “mild-mannered housewife” he thought she was, and at the end of this episode, we learn that Ben and Rachel “took [Aaron] in when no one else would,” and we hear Aaron say again that he deserves to know. So Rachel finally agrees to fill him in. “There’s this place,” she says. “It’s called the Tower.”

Want to know more? Well, you’ll have to wait until next week! And anyone who watched the promo for episode 13 can probably agree it looks like one well-worth the wait. What do you think will happen next, Revolutionaries? What did you think of the revelations about Randall? How fun was it to watch him talk back to Monroe? How do you feel about his belief that electrical power should be in the hands of the few to protect the many? How do you think Jim Hudson will fit into the team now? Any other theories on that object that was inside Danny’s chest? Sound off below!

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