Revolution recap: Amped Up

The Matheson family, reunited, face the Monroe Militia's new firepower
Ep. 11 | Aired Mar 25, 2013

HERO FOR A DAY Danny plays a crucial but risky part in the fight against the amplifier-powered militia.

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There’s one final scene, but before I get to that, I need to backtrack a little to that first flashback: It’s the Mathesons in the hospital a year before the blackout. Little Danny is about to have a surgery, one that we learn has never been done on anyone before. He’s the first. (Hey, it’s far-fetched, but it has happened.) Ben and Rachel are freaked, worried their son is going to become a failed science project. But they’ve already tried everything else there is to try.

We don’t learn what this surgery is or what ailment Danny had. The final scene certainly seems to be alluding to whatever that procedure was, but it only serves to make things more mysterious. Rachel is alone with Danny’s body. She plants a kiss on his cold forehead and tells him one last “I love you.” Then this is where it gets weird: She pulls out a knife, and shaking and crying, she slices it into her son’s torso. She sticks her fingers into his side and pulls out an object – it’s the size and shape of a large pill, and inside it is a blinking blue light. Whaaa?

That’s it for your first Revolution episode of 2013. Now about Danny’s untimely demise: Danny never seemed to be a well-liked character. Stubborn kids never really are. But this isn’t Storybrooke, where Henry’s screentime can get cut while he’s at school and the focus gets shifted to other characters. This is post-blackout, post-Danny’s rescue America, where Danny is stuck with rest of Fellowship at all times. So maybe the Revolution writers realized it wasn’t going to work to have him around that much. Or maybe they’ve been planning this since the beginning of the series. It really is tragedy at its near-most tragic: The whole mission of the first 10 episodes is finally achieved, all that trekking and fighting over a thousand miles is worth it – and then Danny dies. I wonder when Kripke and co. decided to kill off Danny. Hopefully we’ll find out at WonderCon this weekend. That con might be Graham Rogers’ last hurrah for the show. Though there’s always the chance he’ll appear in flashbacks.

What did you think of this return episode, Revolutionaires? Are there enough new mysteries to keep things interesting as we get nearer to the real answer of why the power went out? What in the world is up with whatever Rachel pulled out of Danny’s chest? What does she plan to do with it? And how is the light still working? How do you feel about the decision to kill off Danny? Do you think Rachel and Miles had an affair? What do you think is next for Jason Neville? How long do you think it will take for Monroe to figure out Neville was lying when he said his son was dead? Did anyone else really miss the swordfights in this episode? And just how worried should we be for the resistance with Monroe and Randall now in cahoots?

I’ll leave you with those questions and a few quotables. See you next week.


Monroe: Is it possible there weren’t any remains to find?
Neville: It’s possible. But it’s also Miles.

“It’s all going to be the Monroe Republic – sea to shining sea.” — Monroe

Aaron: So, Rachel, it turns out you’re not the mild-mannered housewife I thought you were.
Rachel: We’ve been through a lot, Aaron. Not now.
Aaron: Oh, I’m sorry. It’s just that you’re alive, which is, you know, newsworthy.

Rachel, to Danny: I love you to the moon and back.

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