Revolution recap: Amped Up

The Matheson family, reunited, face the Monroe Militia's new firepower
Ep. 11 | Aired Mar 25, 2013

HERO FOR A DAY Danny plays a crucial but risky part in the fight against the amplifier-powered militia.

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Charlie brings Central Command the news of the 12 hours they have until machine guns tear through their base. Ramsey determines there’s not enough time to evacuate all their wounded. So they’ll fight back. (Really? Okay…)

They prepare for the airstrike. Charlie watches her little brother, the one she risked so much to save, as he gets ready to put his own life at risk. This is where we see the second of two flashbacks (the first I’ll get to in a little bit). It’s the Matheson siblings when they’re much younger – around the same age as when Rachel left them. It’s nighttime – Danny gets an asthma attack, and Charlie rushes over to his bed to help him. “Breathe the way I’m breathing,” she says, and they breathe together until Danny’s breathing matches her even breaths. Back to the present: Charlie walks up to the brother she’s always tried to protect. “Danny, I gotta ask you for something,” she says.

Charlie wants him to get inside as soon as the helicopters there, but of course Danny doesn’t want to hide – he wants to fight. And we can see that Charlie understands that – she’s spent the past few months trying to convince the grown-ups that she’s capable of being useful in every rough-and-tumble situation right along with them. But she still can’t watch her brother join the front lines. Not yet. “Because you owe me. Because I walked over a thousand miles to get to you. I will never play this card again. I will never ask you for anything again, but I’m asking you for this,” she says. Danny admits he’ll never be able to repay her for what she’s done for him, but then he says something rather reminiscent of another Kripke-created pair of siblings: “It’s not your job to look out for me anymore.” Charlie can’t convince him to not fight. And they don’t have much more time to discuss it, because right then in come the helicopters.

At Ramsey’s command, the rebels start firing with their little guns on the helicopters and their massive firepower. There are a few little triumphs for the rebels, like when Nora takes down the militiaman operating one of the machine guns. But it’s not looking good for the good guys – until Miles and Rachel come riding in with weapons taken from John (who ended up betraying them – Randall, the Department of Defense guy who’s somehow behind this whole blackout, got to John and ordered that he tie up Rachel and Miles until he got there, but they broke free – Locket of Power and stash of weapons in tow). Rachel fires up the pendant and wraps it around a shoulder-fired missile, which Miles aims at the helicopter that Rachel somehow knows is the one carrying the amplifier. But a blast from the other helicopter launches Miles backwards. He’s knocked out. Or is he dead? Is this the death that Revolution’s writers teased?

Well, no, of course it’s not. I didn’t think for a second that Revolution was about to kill off Miles – and Billy Burke and the unfinished business of Miles and Monroe along with him. But there is a death: It’s the one who makes a run for the missile launcher, picks it up, and fires at the helicopter with the amplifier. The helicopter blows up in a blaze of fire and smoke, and with the amplifier out, the other helicopter starts to spiral downward too – but before it hits the ground, a militiaman fires out one last shower of bullets. Four of them go right into the chest of our hero with the missile launcher: Danny.

It’s all slo-mo as Danny falls to the ground, and his screaming, crying family rushes toward him. Charlie tries to stop the bleeding, pressing her jacket against his chest, but her brother is already dead.

After the commercial break, we see Charlie and her mother after the battle, both sitting on the ground. “What was I thinking?” Rachel says. “I never should have let you come here, let you fight.” Her voice is cracking as she spills out apologies and regrets, while Charlie stares ahead stony-faced.  “There was nothing you could have done,” Charlie says, voice even. “Danny was set on this. You couldn’t stop him. So the only thing that matters now is to finish what he started,” and turning to look at her mother, she says, “We’re going after Monroe. We’re gonna kill him.”

Monroe, meanwhile, is at his desk in Philadelphia. Two of his men come into inform him that he has a visitor. With the news of the lost amplifier and helicopters hanging over his head, Monroe is in no mood for visitors. But his interest is piqued when he’s told that his visitor arrived in a car – yes, a fully functioning car. It’s Randall, whom Monroe asks, “How can I help you?” Randall, there with John, pointedly tells the general, “The question is how can we help you?”

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