Revolution recap: My Brother's Keeper

A family is reunited, a brotherhood is tested and power is gained
Ep. 10 | Aired Nov 26, 2012

BLOOD BROTHERS In a long-awaited reunion, Miles (Billy Burke) faces off with the man who's like brother to him, the man he tried to kill once already, General Monroe (David Lyons).

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And now, the moment we’ve been waiting for: the Miles-Monroe face-off. Quickly enough, it’s just the two of them alone. Miles has shooed Rachel away to go get her kids. Miles has taken out the three militiamen who flank Monroe. We get a couple more flashbacks, now of Bass and Miles as kids, playing war, harmlessly shouting that they’re gonna kill the other, drawing what we now know as the symbol of the Monroe Militia on their arms with magic marker – an ‘M,’ as Bass points out, that represents both of them.

Monroe lowers his gun, but Miles stands firm. “I’m not gonna hurt you,” Monroe says, and then he says the thing we know Miles fears the most: “I want you to come back.” Monroe has lost the clean calm he always possesses. He’s sweaty, words are coming out uneven. “I forgive you,” he says. “Come back. I’ll let your family live. I’ll give you whatever you want. It was better, it was simpler with you here.” The militia general drops his gun to the ground, hands up. He doesn’t believe Miles can do it.

“I’m sorry,” Miles says, lowering his gun. Monroe lets out a little laugh – for all his big talk, he’s still relieved to actually see that Miles isn’t going to kill him. But not so fast – “No,” Miles clarifies, “I mean, I’m sorry I didn’t kill you the first time. You’re not the same person. You’re too far-gone. We are not family. Not anymore.” Ouch. The usually tempered general is losing it again – eyes red, breath catching, he’s had enough. He grabs Miles’ gun. Shots rattle off at the ceiling. He manages to tussle the weapon out of Miles’ hands.

So it’s hand-to-hand combat now! Hands push at throats. Faces are smashed into walls. Fists go to stomachs. Bodies tumble over stairs. Then they get to show off those pirate skills Bass once laughed at the thought of. Two pairs of swords, one pair of shadows cast on the walls that ring with the sound of clanking metal. It’s a very even match.

Outside, Rachel catches up to her children and Nora. “How do we get out?” she asks. “Aaron’s on it,” Nora says, provoking another look of surprise in Rachel. “Aaron? Aaron Pittman?” she says. Wait? How does she know Aaron? I’d assumed Ben and the kids didn’t meet Aaron and the rest of the villagers until after Rachel left her family.

Inside, swords are still clashing. But not for much longer. Baker and two other militiamen arrive. “Kill him,” Monroe orders. And that’s when the face-off ends, both men making it out alive, as Miles escapes through a window.

Indeed, Aaron is on it, slowly but surely getting the pipe bombs all in place to blow an exit hole in the building. Out run Nora, Charlie, Danny and Rachel. And then we get another adorable niece-uncle moment. The others have all started running clear of the building. But Charlie stands right by the hole, anxiously waiting for Miles. When he jumps through a sheet of smoke, the biggest possible smile spreads across her face. “Run, you idiot,” Miles snaps at his niece, and the two run off together, Charlie still with a huge smile on her face.

Nora’s in the lead, but she stops when she hears something – a whirring. It’s as Miles warned: Get electrical power in Mornoe’s hands and he’ll immediately use it for weapons. A helicopter rises above them, machine guns about to fire on our newly formed collection of heroes, the Fellowship 2.0.

And cut! That’s where we’re left at the end of Revolution’s mid-season finale.

Alright, Revolutionaries, scoop: Tell us all you thought about this final episode of 2012. Was the big Miles-Monroe showdown everything you hoped it would be? Does anyone think Miles’ “I’m sorry” really meant something else, and then he changed his mind, or was he always confident he could kill his friend? Which other meet-up was your favorite: Charlie and Rachel, Aaron and Neville, or Miles and Rachel?

Did the titlecard for The Trenton Campaign make you wish you could take a peek at the timeline that’s surely stretched across the wall of the writers room? What did you think of Strausser’s death? How long do you think it took the Nevilles to get out of that closet?

Now that we have a better sense of just how brotherly Bass and Miles have been for so long, what do you think Ben and Bass’ relationship was like? What do you think went on between Miles and Rachel? How will Charlie react when she learns some new piece of Miles’ dark past? What new dynamics are you most excited to see in the Fellowship 2.0 when Revolution powers up again in the spring? Danny with the uncle he doesn’t remember? Charlie with the mother she thought was dead? Or Rachel with her could-be-sister-in-law, Miles’ onetime sweetheart, Nora?

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