Revolution recap: My Brother's Keeper

A family is reunited, a brotherhood is tested and power is gained
Ep. 10 | Aired Nov 26, 2012

BLOOD BROTHERS In a long-awaited reunion, Miles (Billy Burke) faces off with the man who's like brother to him, the man he tried to kill once already, General Monroe (David Lyons).

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While Miles, Nora and Aaron approach the power plant, Charlie goes back in her holding cell with her brother and Rachel gets to work on the amplifier. And Baker (Mark Pellegrino’s back!) has a little chat with Monroe. He points out that standing orders have always to bring in Miles alive. Monroe tries to brush this off, telling Baker that Miles probably knows something about how to turn the lights back on too. But Baker sees right through this, says that Miles sucks at math so there’s no way he knows anything about hardcore engineering. Baker offers up his opinion: That it would be best for him, Baker, to kill Miles. “You think I can’t?” Monroe fires back.

Another flashback, this time further back than we’ve been before: It’s nighttime, two years before the blackout. A slick-haired Miles finds Bass sitting on the ground in a graveyard, a half-empty bottle in hand. We learn a lot here: Bass and Miles did two tours in Iraq together. Bass thought he’d be dead by now. But instead he’s alive and his family is dead – his parents and two little sisters were killed on the way to a Harry Potter movie by a drunk driver. Bass loses it – “I got nothing left,” he sobs through tears. But his best friend reminds him, “You got me… We’ve been brothers since we’ve been kids.”

Seventeen years later, Miles is outside a power plant about to ambush that same onetime-best friend. Nora gives Aaron some pipe bombs. You’ll know if you need to use them, she tells him. He waits outside, while Nora and Miles head in.

Charlie and Danny have managed to escape their holding cell, Charlie again surprising a family member about how much she’s changed lately when she whacks a militiaman across the head with the now-loose metal air grill. Shots are being fired all throughout the power plant – at the two Matheson kids on the run, at Miles running in – while Rachel places the Locket of Power in the completed amplifier.

Miles finally catches up to Charlie and Danny, slicing through the back of a militiaman about to kill the two kids. Hey, Danny, meet your Uncle Miles! He’s ready to get out of there, but Charlie tells him they’re not leaving without their mom. That stops Miles short for a moment. “Rachel’s alive?” he says with a mixture of relief and anxiety in his voice. Clearly he’s happy to know his sister-in-law is alive but worried about how he left things with her.

Strausser is doing more Creepy McCreepster things, so Rachel takes the opportunity to take him down. Last week it was a screwdriver. This week it’s a hammer. Though it’s Strausser’s own sword that Rachel ultimately uses to kill him. “That’s for what you did to me,” she says, “you sick son-of-a-bitch.” Did to her as in play Sophie’s Choice and all that cruel stuff we’ve seen on screen? Or did he do more creepy, gross stuff to her off-screen?

Of course this is the moment Miles walks in, just in time to witness Rachel ruthlessly kill the one man he fears. “Miles?” Rachel says, her voice small. But now we get to see another Matheson woman’s face harden. Bam – she slaps Miles right across the face.

If only Rachel had used her precious time left in that room to swiftly destroy the amplifier instead of letting loose a little anger on her brother-in-law, because just then Baker strides in with three other soldiers, big guns in hand. So out Rachel and Miles run, leaving behind Monroe’s new power source.

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