Revolution recap: My Brother's Keeper

A family is reunited, a brotherhood is tested and power is gained
Ep. 10 | Aired Nov 26, 2012

BLOOD BROTHERS In a long-awaited reunion, Miles (Billy Burke) faces off with the man who's like brother to him, the man he tried to kill once already, General Monroe (David Lyons).

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Back to the mother and child reunion: Rachel is trying to explain herself. Charlie is asking her to slow down, telling her she needs a minute to process this. Rachel says that she was trying to kill Monroe and save Danny. What? You want to talk about the most recent of events instead of explain why you’ve been gone for years and years? Rachel starts rambling about how she never should have left her family. Then Charlie firmly tells her mother to stop. Speaking in imperatives, Charlie essentially tells her mom to shut up and go save her son. Now it’s Rachel’s turn to be really shocked. “You’ve grown up,” she says.

We get a brief glimpse of Miles returning to Kipling’s house and realizing that the militia has taken his friends and niece. Back in Rachel and Charlie’s prison, they’re laboriously unscrewing the bolts in an air grille while they play catch-up. At Charlie’s first mention of Uncle Miles, Rachel says, “Miles is here? Did he hurt you?” A little taken aback, Charlie says, “No, of course not. Why would you ask me something like that?” But they don’t get to finish that conversation because in marches Creepy McCreepster, Sgt. Strausser, who is way too delighted (and forward about how delighted he is) to have two Matheson women in his possession.

Across town, Neville arrives home. The major, who shortly before was so confident that Aaron and Nora would be perfect bait to draw in Miles, gets the tables turned on him. There in his home is Miles Matheson, and he has a sword to the neck of Neville’s wife. The deal Miles is offering is simple: His friends for Neville’s wife.

With some hesitation, Neville cooperates. He brings back Nora and Aaron. But this isn’t good enough – Miles is demanding he get Charlie and Danny too before he releases Julia. The best Neville can do is tell Miles where they are: at the power plant north of the city. So after a couple of swift moves where it really looks like Miles is about to slice off Julia’s head, and after Neville imparts his promise to someday kill Miles for this, Miles locks the Nevilles in a closet and heads off for the power plant with Aaron and Nora.

Over at the power plant, Charlie, Danny and Rachel are all back together (which is kind of weird to see. A family together? And alive? This can’t be right!). Danny is a little shocked that Charlie came all this way for him. And in another Winchester echo, the older sibling tells the younger brother, “Of course I came. It’s my job to look out for you.”

Then it’s time for some more Monroe pushing Rachel around until she does his bidding. In the room is a Locket of Power amplifier – a real one this time, not a bomb – that Jaffe had partially completed before meeting his Rachel-inflicted demise. At Monroe’s mention of Rachel shoving a screwdriver into another human’s chest, Charlie shifts her eyes from the general to her mother. “Mom?” she says. “Oh, I’m sure there’s a lot about your mom you don’t know,” Monroe tells Charlie.

Then Strausser takes a page from a book any psychopath like himself has probably been dying to recreate: Sophie’s Choice. He commands Rachel to choose which of her children he’s going to kill. Rachel is hysterical. She of course can’t choose. But Charlie remains calm, determined to stop Rachel from helping Monroe kill thousands of people, telling her mother some things are more important than family. So she stands up and places herself right in front of Strausser’s gun and yells, “Pick me.” But Rachel gives in – she’ll finish the amplifier if they let both children live.

But Monroe isn’t exactly about to reward Rachel’s compliance: He makes a painful situation all the more painful when he says, “See? It’s like Miles always said, ‘A good hostage works every time.’”

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