Revenge recap: Ghost of Thanksgiving Past

Party like it's 2006! Emily meets Aiden for the first time, details about Victoria’s past emerge, and The Stowaway is still being blackmailed. Some things never change.
Ep. 08 | Aired Nov 25, 2012

REFLECTION Who is that girl I see staring straight back at me? Anyone but my mother!

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Something is happening with Carl and The Stowaway, but I could honestly not tell you what. It’s just more of the same. Really, how many shady deals and blackmail schemes can one bar endure? Jack should consider burning it to the ground and starting anew. At Nolcorp, Nolan’s playing with his new robot toy when Marco steps out to take a call. He returns looking perturbed -- a half a billion dollars is missing. But of course Nolan knows exactly where it is.

The Graysons finally sit down to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner. Conrad promises Daniel that he’ll send his son’s poetry to some publishers he knows and this naïve and badly coiffed version of Daniel believes him. Victoria ruins the good will by bringing up her last Thanksgiving with Marion. V’s mom begs her daughter not to say anything, but when Ben the new beau explicitly asks to hear it, there’s nothing she can do. And what a story it is. Victoria’s father tried to walk out on her mother, so Marion shot him and then framed her own daughter for the crime. Gobble, gobble, everyone! The grand jury failed to indict her, but that didn’t stop a judge from sentencing Victoria to an inpatient evaluation. When she got out, it was only to be sexually assaulted by Maxwell, her mother’s new conquest. And you thought your Thanksgiving dinners were awkward. It would seem our Victoria has a lot more in common with Emily than at first blush.

Emily beats people up in time to strobe lights while Aiden chases after Dmitri and shoots him in the leg. Emily and Takeda arrive just in time to keep Aiden from killing Dmitri, but the relief is short-lived. The Russian taunts Aiden with insults about his sister Colleen and Aiden can’t help but fire. Who could blame him?

At Nolcorp, Nolan explains that the company’s missing money was set aside in an account for David Clarke’s daughter. Marco disapproves of Nolan’s methods, so Nolan fires him (and they presumably end their relationship). Nolan has given up everything for Emily -- I hope to one day see her make a sacrifice for him.

NEXT: Daniel Grayson, Poet Laureate.

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