Revenge recap: Ghost of Thanksgiving Past

Party like it's 2006! Emily meets Aiden for the first time, details about Victoria’s past emerge, and The Stowaway is still being blackmailed. Some things never change.
Ep. 08 | Aired Nov 25, 2012

REFLECTION Who is that girl I see staring straight back at me? Anyone but my mother!

Colleen Hayes/ABC

Back at Nolcorp, Nolan calls his CFO Marco in for a private Thanksgiving dinner in his office. Marco gifts Nolan with a Galaxy Defender and I am officially a bigger fan of this couple than I ever was of Nolan and Padma. (Nolan’s really got a thing for his CFOs, huh?) At the Graysons’, Marion is telling Victoria about how she met Ben. They fell in love on a cruise she was supposed to go on with Maxwell (it seemed a waste to not use the tickets). Victoria notes that the encounter sounds almost too good to be true. I should have known right then that something was up, but it slipped by me. How about you?

As an aside, I have to note how much I loved Victoria this episode. It was nice to see her from a whole new perspective; namely the spurned child. Victoria’s so cold all the time -- understandably so, particularly after what we saw later this episode -- but her showdown with her mother brought some heat to her character. Here’s hoping Marion makes a return in the present. Also, can I just point out that ABC has quite the theme of evil mothers going on Sunday nights? Between Cora on Once Upon a Time and Marion on Revenge, it’s a wonder any viewers still speak to their moms.

Jack stumbles across Carl holding a gun, but before he can figure out what exactly his father planned to do with it, someone throws a Molotov cocktail into the bar. The Stowaway cannot catch a break. Meanwhile, Dimitri’s having a grand ol’ time beating up Aiden. Emily crawls through the vents a la Aliens, then makes her way into the Red Room of Pain once the Russians have left. Emily’s desperate to get to the bottom of Aiden’s involvement in the terrorist attack pinned on David Clarke, and she’s not disappointed. Aiden’s father worked as a baggage handler and was most likely the one who planted the bomb onboard. The Russians discover Emily in Aiden’s room, but she quickly wipes the floor with all of them.

NEXT: It’s a Grayson Thanksgiving, Charlie Brown!

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