Revenge recap: Ghost of Thanksgiving Past

Party like it's 2006! Emily meets Aiden for the first time, details about Victoria’s past emerge, and The Stowaway is still being blackmailed. Some things never change.
Ep. 08 | Aired Nov 25, 2012

REFLECTION Who is that girl I see staring straight back at me? Anyone but my mother!

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Victoria and Marion have a heart-to-heart about Marion’s man of the minute. She insists it’s different this time -- Ben is “a man of class and means. Much like Conrad.” Umm… If there’s any romance you don’t want to compare your relationship to, it’s Victoria and Conrad’s. Marion wants Victoria to treat Ben respectfully. “Do not disappoint me,” she intones ominously. (Was anyone reminded of Alan Rickman’s answering machine on Family Guy at that line? If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I urge you to watch the clip.) In yet another flashback within a flashback, we get a look at a dinner between Marion, Maxwell, and Victoria. “What are you, 25?” Maxwell asks a teenage Victoria. Readers, that’s when I got my first shiver of the night. I knew Victoria’s past was dark, but I never imagined something like this.

Emily returns to the Russian club. Aiden the mustachioed bartender tries to convince her otherwise, but she cannot be swayed (granted, he has no inkling of her revenge plans). Dressed entirely in white, Emily offers herself up in place of her roommate (i.e. Ashley) in order to get a private session with Dmitri. Aiden looks on before crouching down to retrieve a gun from the fridge. Once again, he tries to get Emily to leave, but she just stands there while Aiden pulls his gun on Dmitri. Turns out this nefarious Russian stereotype is responsible for the death (or is it merely the disappearance?) of his sister. He fires, but Emily knocks Aiden out of the way and the bullet goes astray (why yes, that rhymed).

Dmitri, being the gentleman that he is, escorts Emily to a private room. Any of Dmitri’s suspicions are soothed by Ems’ innocent act (the white helps). Dimitri’s putty in her hands, leaving her unattended while he heads off to see to business (meaning torture). Emily ignores Takeda’s pleas to stick to the plan and plots a way to rescue Aiden.

NEXT: The way to Nolan’s heart is through his CFO.

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