Revenge recap: A Tale of Two Sapphic Blondes

Emily shares her secret, Victoria and Conrad are positively cuddly, and a certain Hamptonite goes to jail
Ep. 07 | Aired Nov 11, 2012

ROYAL PAINS Daniel makes a move against Conrad, proving he’s just a chip off the old Grayson block.


Kara has the Graysons kneeling on the floor at gunpoint. Victoria tells her to look at the torn picture of David -- the other half is hidden in the lining of her jewelry box. The image was taken the day of his death, and the other half shows… Gordon Murphy! What Victoria hoped to achieve by telling Kara her dead second husband killed her dead first husband, I’m not sure. Kara just goes nuts and forces the two Graysons to blindfold themselves while she positions herself to execute them. In a surprisingly touching gesture, Conrad takes Victoria’s hand and clasps it tightly. Sometimes I think theirs is the central love story of this show. Before Kara can kill them (I do wonder if she would have actually gone through with it), Aiden chloroforms her and drags her off. How long do you think Victoria and Conrad knelt there, blindfolded, before they realized she was gone?

Kara wakes up in a car with Emily and Aiden. Emily tells her that Aiden’s an FBI agent and that he’s investigating the Graysons. Aiden provides Kara with a gassed up car and tells her to leave for real this time. She gets in the car, but is she gone? I hope so, but I doubt Revenge would let go of Emily’s mother so easily.

Emily goes to visit Mason, who’s been taken to jail. He insists he won’t be there for long, but Emily offers to make a deal. Mason has to give a full confession and go to jail. In return, Emily will set him free by confessing to his crimes when she’s finished her vendetta and Mason will get to write the story of the century. I know writers are committed to their craft, but this seems a little extreme. I also hope it doesn’t mean that we’ve seen the last of Mason until the last season of Revenge.

Conrad tells Victoria that the cameras went black when Kara disappeared. The two come to the conclusion that the Initiative must have saved them. Victoria tries to tell Conrad about his son’s treachery, but he says that anything she has to say can wait until morning. (Um, no Conrad, it really can’t.) Across the way, Aiden’s moping on the porch when Emily shows up. There’s a beat as they stare at each other and then… she kisses him and asks him to stay the night! What say you Revenge-ers to this new (or renewed, I suppose) couple? Yay or nay? How soon before Emily’s deal with Mason comes back to haunt her? What will happen to Mason in jail? And when will Victoria and Conrad be back to fighting like cats and dogs? My bet: five minutes into the next episode.

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