Revenge recap: A Tale of Two Sapphic Blondes

Emily shares her secret, Victoria and Conrad are positively cuddly, and a certain Hamptonite goes to jail
Ep. 07 | Aired Nov 11, 2012

ROYAL PAINS Daniel makes a move against Conrad, proving he’s just a chip off the old Grayson block.


At the Graysons', Conrad gives a speech on the future of the company, only to have Ashley stall him with a Q&A session while Daniel meets with Grayson Global’s board. Meanwhile, Mason meets with Kara and tells her that Gordon wants her to leave and never look back. (Emily’s buzzing in his ear like a persistent gnat throughout the whole convo.) And then, Mason does an interesting thing: he goes off script, much to Emily’s chagrin. He informs Kara that David was innocent and that he was a victim of the Graysons. Kara looks positively bonkers at this point. Woah, boy, someone’s on the warpath. As she takes off for the Graysons’, Emily calls Aiden to give him a heads up that Kara’s out for blood. Aiden, however, is busy with the Grayson Global board meeting where Daniel is telling them about the company’s stake in Nolcorp. Daniel asks for the board members’ support and of course the Initiative woman (Helen) is the first one to voice her approval of the Conrad ouster.

Nolan is at Mason’s house rearranging the conspiracy board. Meanwhile, Kara breaks into the Graysons', using a nifty framed touch screen to turn off the cameras in and around the master bedroom. Victoria, catching sight of the Initiative woman sitting in on the board meeting, tells Daniel he’s making a mistake, but he refuses to listen. Victoria calls Conrad to their bedroom to meet with her so she can tell him about what Daniel’s up to. Alas, Kara’s already there, holding Conrad at gunpoint.

Kara screams at Victoria for sleeping with David and then double-crossing him, but in a surprising move, Conrad defends Victoria. He’s amazingly passionate, taking all the blame for what happened to David and admitting that part of it had to do with the fact that he was furious with the man for stealing his wife. Victoria looks astounded. Who knew Conrad cared for her?

The cops have been called to Mason’s house. There, they find Nolan’s doctored conspiracy board, as well as the flight recorder Gordon had had in his possession. Ooh, that’s cold Emily. Framing Mason for pretty much every crime that has been committed to date on this show? Positively heartless.

Emily calls Aiden, who finally picks up. She appraises him of the situation, telling him that the Graysons must be with Kara in their master bedroom because the cameras for that part of the house are turned off. Aiden asks Emily to turn off all the cameras. She’s reluctant, but he insists he has a plan. He dashes up the stairs for the Graysons’ bedroom as Emily switches off the recording system.

NEXT: The Hamptons’ maximum security prison gets a fancy new inmate.

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