Revenge recap: A Tale of Two Sapphic Blondes

Emily shares her secret, Victoria and Conrad are positively cuddly, and a certain Hamptonite goes to jail
Ep. 07 | Aired Nov 11, 2012

ROYAL PAINS Daniel makes a move against Conrad, proving he’s just a chip off the old Grayson block.


The Initiative has sent a representative to the Graysons’ little investors gathering -- it’s Helen Crawley, aka the only member of the Initiative we’ve ever seen (Gordon doesn’t really count in my mind). Guess it’s a one-woman operation. Aiden passes off the check to Daniel, while Ashley heads off to distract Conrad so Daniel can meet with the board members. Emily and Nolan are watching all this remotely, all while discussing Ems’ love life and family issues. They are quite the multi-taskers.

Jack calls Emily to ask for Mason’s number, tipping her off that Amanda is about to do something incredibly stupid. This is also when Nolan learns about Jack and Amanda’s upcoming wedding. I love that in the middle of a crisis, he still manages to single this detail out. Sure, it’s not the most important thing happening to Emily right now, but it’s one of the most hurtful. Emily runs out to stop Amanda before she can do Mason some serious harm.

At Mason’s, Amanda and our favorite writer are examining his conspiracy board. Amanda makes Emily out to be a stalker or a “sociopathic socialite,” as she is referred to here. Mason turns away from Amanda and… she hefts a crow bar over his head. Maybe I missed it, but did she bring that with her in her purse? Seems a rather large item to successfully hide in a shoulder bag. Emily appears just in time to save Mason, telling Amanda to go home. Mason, left alone with Emily, reveals that he always suspected her. “So I was right -- you really are the brains in this Machiavellian scheme.” And then Emily does the unimaginable. She tells Mason that she’s the real Amanda!

We learn that Kara has ditched her flight (surprise, surprise) and rented a car on Victoria’s credit card. It seems almost an insult to use your future victim’s credit card to pay for the car that will take you to kill that person. I mean, surely you could have shelled out your own cash for your rental. Mason gives Kara a call and tells her that he has info on Gordon Murphy. Of course, he’s being coached by Emily, who has guilted him into helping her after telling him that everything she’s become is because of what he failed to do for David.

NEXT: The threat of impeding death brings out the best in an unlikely character.

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