Revenge recap: A Tale of Two Sapphic Blondes

Emily shares her secret, Victoria and Conrad are positively cuddly, and a certain Hamptonite goes to jail
Ep. 07 | Aired Nov 11, 2012

ROYAL PAINS Daniel makes a move against Conrad, proving he’s just a chip off the old Grayson block.


Conrad is moping on the beach because the Initiative will use their leverage over him to nurture and hide assets in his company. Victoria tells him to buck up: “I will be damned if I let those people write the final word on us.” V is going to face off against the Initiative? Intriguing…

In a short aside, we learn that Kenny Ryan has a hot brother named Nate and that this brother is bad news. Thankfully, this is all we see of this storyline this episode. As Kara’s leaving the Grayson house, Daniel stops her to ask if she kept records of David’s personal investments. (The answer is no.) Emily turns up to give Victoria and Conrad a wedding gift. “Mom and Dad will be very touched,” says Daniel. “Assuming it’s not ticking.” Ashley catches sight of this chummy scene between Daniel and Ems and goes all green-eyed monster. That girl is going to screw everything up for Emily at some point, all over a boy. Girls, we’re better off without them!

Aiden goes to Nolcorp to ask Nolan for the David Clarke check. I loved that Nolan confronted Aiden about stealing his only friend. Emily’s incredibly messed up, sure, but she and Nolan are a team, and even though Aiden is incredibly fine, I miss the days of the original vengeful duo. Nolan says he’ll give up the check because he loves Emily, dramatically smashing the frame it’s incased in against a coffee table (and leaving the pieces on the floor for Padma to step on later). He asks Aiden why he’s so intent on helping Ems. “She’s someone who I once hurt very badly and now I’m trying to make it up to her.” Penance, everyone! Nolan says that should Aiden hurt Emily again, he’ll make him pay. On leaving the office, Aiden gives Daniel a call to say he’s got the evidence they need and that it’s time to overthrow Conrad.

Amanda walks into The Stowaway to find Mason siting at the bar, waiting for Jack. Amanda’s had enough: she promises to tell him the truth, as long as they meet at a different location. Meanwhile, Emily learns that Nolan has given up his company for her and tries to get the check back, but Nolan stops her. “Means nothing if it could hurt the only real family I’ve ever had.” Aww.

NEXT: Nolan and Emily have a heart-to-heart on life, love and the pursuit of happiness over tea and the Graysons’ not-so closed circuit cameras.

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