Revenge season finale recap: Truth Hurts

A regular cast member meets doom and a giant secret is revealed in the season 2 finale
Ep. 21 | Aired May 12, 2013

ABSOLUTE POWER The so-called skeletons in Conrad's closet became quite literal as he closed out his campaign for governor. 

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Daniel’s at Emily’s house, searching for his date to Conrad’s party, but all he finds is Aiden, who tells him that Ems has already left. Aiden confronts Daniel about his family’s involvement in the Initiative, insisting that he set things right. “The sooner you start to repay that debt, the better it’s going to be for everyone,” Aiden says. Daniel tries to fight him, but Aiden’s ninja-trained. He almost kills him, sparing Daniel’s life at the last second. “If you two get married, you’ll spend the rest of your life regretting it,” Aiden says, telling Daniel to break off his engagement (again).

Nolan’s being questioned over his part in creating Carrion -- and it’s not looking good. The prison visits with David Clarke, Padma’s disappearance, the fact that he actually is the mind behind Carrion -- all roads lead to Nolan. But the worst part? The feds have got their hands on a video from… Padma! She reveals that Nolan’s behind everything, including her own murder, since this video effectively gives him a motive for killing her. I always wondered what Trask’s final request of Padma was. Looks like this was it. Nice payoff, Revenge. (And I’m not saying that sarcastically. I’m glad this plotline tied itself up so neatly.)

Surprise, surprise, Conrad has been named Governor-elect. Emily rushes about campaign headquarters, trying to find Jack, while Conrad launches into his speech. But Jack’s in expert assassin attire, complete with pageboy cap and glasses, and therefore unrecognizable. While Emily searches, Victoria watches Conrad’s speech from home. The doorbell rings -- and it’s her son. Back at campaign headquarters, Emily bursts in on Jack just before he shoots Conrad, pleading with him not to make a mistake because of her. Whatever does she mean? This has nothing to do with her, Jack says. “It has everything to do with me,” she answers, staring steadily at him. And then he figures it out. “I’m Amanda Clarke,” she reveals.

So did this episode live up to your expectations, viewers? I predicted that either Charlotte or Declan would die -- I honestly had my money on Charlotte since it’s not like the show needs another baby, but truth be told, I should have suspected it would be Declan. The only way Emily and Jack could ever be on even ground was if he were driven to the same extremes she has been. And now… who knows? Will they be a team? As much as I like Aiden (well, okay, the actor), he and Ems did not make the best duo. She and Jack hold far more promise in my eyes. But let’s forget that for a moment: What did you think of the Initiative reveal? Are you happy it’s basically out of our lives for good? Or do you feel cheated at the easy answer? And what is going to happen to Nolan? Of all the happenings of tonight, it’s him I’m the most worried about. Stay safe Gabriel Mann. Share your thoughts on the season finale below!

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